Seeking ghost towns near Gerrard, B.C.


We explored the Gerrard area of British Columbia during our camper vacation. We drove from Nakusp via Trout Lake, BC,, on a gravel road, which I would not recommend if you have a camper. We almost missed the turn-off to Gerrard, which was poorly marked. A GPS and directions are a big help when looking for Ghost Towns.

“Gerrard is a ghost town located in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. The town is situated near south end of Trout Lake, east of Upper Arrow Lake.“-Wikipedia

Rusty crank shaft found on the beach at Gerrard (if it only could tell it’s story).

The view of the lake, from the beach close to the cabin.


“Gerrard Post Office opened 1 November 1906, named after George Bentley Gerrard; this was the terminus of the CPR line running north from Lardeau, abandoned sometime before 1946. Post Office closed 5 January 1957. “- B.C. Geographical names.


Beautiful trees, a mountain view in the well maintained campground at Gerrard, one can see the cabin through the trees.


“Entrance to the newly enlarged, massive, undeveloped Goat Range Provincial Park is from the old townsite of Gerrard at the southeastern end of Trout Lake, about 50 miles (80 km) north of Kaslo. A dozen campsites are located at Gerrard, an abandoned railroad town. From 1900 until World War II, Gerrard was the terminus of the Arrowhead & Kootenay line of the Canadian Pacific Railway.”- British Columbia.

A beautiful and functional log table in the Gerrard campsite.

Table top photo taken from above.


A huge tree in the campsite. We were the only people at Gerrard that day.


Our cabin on wheels parked at the Gerrard campground. We didnt camp there, but in hindsight we were sorry we didn’t.


To be on the safe side, carry bear spray and keep a look out for bears and other wildlife.


I wonder what lies hidden under all the foliage.


We drove a bit further on south on Highway 31.


The road got much better after we left Gerrard.

We found a beautiful spot a few kilometres from Gerard, on Crown Land, where we also found some relics from the past.

Another cabin that we found.

A long drop still in use, but spidery.


Yes, we did close the door after we left.

View of the long drop taken from inside the cabin.

Stove used for heating found outside the cabin.

The “newer stove” inside the cabin still being used for heating.

Sandon Ghost Town.

Quesnel Forks Ghost Town

Barkerville’s cemetery

Ghost Towns: Various towns, KOOTENAY ROCKIES, BC.

List of ghost towns in British Columbia

Ghost Towns.

Ghost Towns of the Lardeau, BRITISH COLUMBIA.



    • It was off the beaten track, by chance we spoke to a man on the ferry who told us about Trout Lake, but there were too many people there for our taste, so we drove a bit on and discovered this gem.


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