Arrow Lake Ferry.


We went camping for a few days in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. We took a ferry from Shelter Bay to Galena bay, in British Columbia, Canada. Here we are waiting at the ferry terminal, which has bath-rooms, picnic tables and a lovely view of the lake.


We have taken the ferry twice before, once during our 2015 Vacation and once during our 2012 Vacation.


“The Arrow Lakes Ferry Service offered by the Provincial Government of British Columbia is a free service to the travelling public.” – Arrow lake ferry


Kris waiting in the truck, as it was cool, it was easier to leave the dogs inside. There were people with dogs on leashes, on the deck. Kris is a Belgian Shepherd (Groenendahl) German Shepherd Cross female.


Our Dutchman camper in the next lane.


“The M.V. Columbia runs across Upper Arrow Lake, 49 kilometres south of Revelstoke on Highway 23, between Shelter Bay (west side) and Galena Bay (east side).

Ferry capacity is 80 vehicles and 250 passengers.” – B.C. Government


Here I am on the ferry, which has bathrooms as well.

“The Arrow Lakes in British Columbia, Canada, divided into Upper Arrow Lake and Lower Arrow Lake, are widenings of the Columbia River. The lakes are situated between theSelkirk Mountains to the east and the Monashee Mountains to the west. Beachland is fairly rare, and is interspersed with rocky headlands and steep cliffs. Mountain sides are heavily forested, and rise sharply to elevations around 2,600 metres.” – Wikipedia



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Ferry to Nakusp

Heading Home


  1. Amazing that they can run the ferry for free. Especially since it runs so often. All the ferry trips we have taken have been quite expensive if you think of how many people, cars & trucks are on the boat.

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    • It sure makes up for the others. They were very busy for a Wednesday. I think there are three or four ferry crossings over the lake at different places.


  2. Fantastiese ferry,Linda! Die laaste een waarop ek was,was in Zambie oor die Kafuerivier.Dit was ‘n riller…in die middel van die rivier het dit gebreek en daar vat die stroom ons met karre en al.Gelukkig bots ons teen die oorkanste wal.Dit was ‘n nagmerrie,hoor!
    Pragtige foto’s en gelukkige honde wat orals saam met julle kan toer!

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