Scrapbook planning.

I do most of my scrapbook planning while camping, as you can see my file and notebooks are beside me. I have found that the better I plan a page, the better it comes out. I scrapbook mostly in winter, (this is Canada you know).

When I scrapbook, I don’t want to waste the time by searching for ideas, printing photos or going shopping for supplies. I actually enjoy the planning process a lot. I go through magazine articles and books and choose layouts that I like, file the magazine articles and scan or take photos of the one’s in books. I plan my layouts using my Scrap-book Page Planner.

Here is a photo of one of my magnetic boards. I have two big ones and one smaller one.

Here I have two different layouts on the board, “Timeless ” and “Baby in the Garden“. I attach the papers, photos, ribbons, embellishments, etc. with small magnets.

Flower Girl”, on my planning board, includes sketches, inspiration (scraplift) and some of the supplies like lace, patterned paper, etc.


Wedding Day”

Mermaid on my planning board.

My inspiration board for “Retroon my planning board.

Scraplift, sketches, etc. for Van Ellewee Project” on my planning board.


Family Gathering on my planning board.

I sometimes gather supplies, photos, etc. in Iris® 13″x13″ Stackable Storage Boxes.


Matching patterns, I like to I pick one or two colors from the pattern and use them as solids. I also have many paint-chip samples, which are free from hard-ware stores, which make it easier. The example is Hester.


I like to prepare and gather all the scrapbooking paraphernalia before I start on a layout. These are some of these wood mounted rubber-stamps I used for Altered Tags.

I file magazine articles that I like and these are in alphabetical order. I have many categories like scraplift, embellishments, alphabets, techniques, babies, children, Christmas, Fall, vintage, styles, seasons, holidays, travel, etc.

These wooden shelves hold my notebooks, files, craft magazines, books, binders, etc.


Index cards.


Some of my index cards.

I cut these photo, title, borders, embellishments, etc. templates from opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheets as used for cooking.
I got them at a Dollar-store.
They are marked with a permanent marker.
I then punched a hole in them, with a hole punch and hung them from a shower curtain ring. I think they will be handy when I design pages.

My Inspiration for “Fallwas “Autumn” from the book “How to scrapbook”.


My inspiration for my “Cowboys” layout was “City slickers” from a Creative Imaginations magazine advertisement.

1-City Slickers

My Sketch for “City Slickers” on grid paper.

For inspiration, I used “The gift of friendship” from the book: “Hand lettering made easy” by Debra Beagle as a scraplift for “Distant Relatives“.

The Sketch from the book “Hand lettering made easy” by Debra Beagle which I made in Adobe Photoshop

Some of my Blue Embellishments, tools and supplies which I used to make my Blog graphics.

The planning sketch for “Sushi Hirowas made in Adobe Photoshop, C3 Extended, first with grid-lines showing (click on thumb-nail). See next image without grid lines.

Sushi Hiro

Sketch for “Falllayout done in Adobe Photoshop

These are one of my notice boards which I also use for inspiration.

My inspiration board.

My kits are in 12″ x 12″ clear Expandable Paper Organizers and a plastic file holder. See next photo.

Some of the kits I made up for themes such as Christmas, Birthdays, Beaches, Easter, Fall, Halloween, Snow, Winter, etc.

I also use Trading Card Sleeves for planning. I got this idea from Ali Edwards.

I also attach my finished scrapbook layouts on my magnetic board with magnets when I have to photograph them. I use a flash diffuser to prevent the camera’s flash  from reflecting on the photos. I remove the magnets in Adobe Photoshop with the clone stamp tool. Click here for a Tutorial. Corel Paint ShopPro has a Clone Brush. I correct perspective with Adobe Photoshop. Here is a great Tutorial on how to do Perspective Distortion Correction. The example above is called “East Indian.”

The backgrounds and headers for my blog are made the same way.


Hint: I scanned the sketch from the book “Scrapbook Page Maps: Sketches For Creative Layouts by Becky Fleck for my Sepia portrait layout, put it on the computer screen, the static electricity held it in place, then I put a photo on top of that to see what it looked like.


Hint: I scanned the layout from the book “Scrapbook Page Maps: Sketches For Creative Layouts by Becky Fleck for my Sepia portrait layout, put it on the computer screen, then I put a photo on top of that to see what it looked like.


A Scraptastic Planning Process!

How to Plan a Scrapbook Project + Free Project Planning Tools

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Starting Scrapbooking


Organizing craft supplies.

Scrap-book Page Planner.

Mood-boards on Pinterest.


Scrapbooking-sketches on Pinterest.


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