Our Camper equipment.


We have quite a few Hammocks and we even sleep outside weather permitting. This hammock is 11 foot long and 7 1/2 foot wide, so that you can lay across it.
You can read here about the hammock angle.  Hubby made our hammocks from Taffeta material (banquet table-cloths.) Sourced from Tablecloths.com.

Sleeping in a hammock guide.

Sleeping In A Hammock: Your Complete Guide To Healthy Hammock Sleep

The Basics of hammock camping.

Our camper kitchen box.
Click above for more photos and information.

A Coffee percolator, Cast-Iron Lid Lifter by Lodge Logic® and #1/2 cast  iron “potjie” (pronunciation “poy-key”), on a portable Coleman propane stove. We cut a whole in the center of a coffee paper filter and put it into the percolator for easier clean up.

DSC_7818Dinner consisting of “pap” (Maize Porridge) cooked in a cast #1/2 Iron “potjie” (pronunciation “poy-key”), Afrikaans for a three-legged iron pot used for cooking over a wood fire, “smoor-sous” (A South African tomato and onion sauce), fried eggs and lamb-chops. The egg rings, keep the eggs round and prevent them from running into the sauce.


We use an Aluminium pressure cooker, 5 quart (pretty and explosion proof!?).


Steaming potatoes in the pressure cooker on the Coleman Propane stove.

Our fire-pit, which we use when we boondock, is made from a pipe culvert collar. There is a number 1/2 “Potjie” next to it.

Lodge™ Tall Boy Camp Dutch Oven Tripod, which we store in a white PVC pipe, Lodge Logic® Cast-Iron Camp Dutch Oven Lid Lifter – 15”9 (on the newspaper in the right)

Paptert” (Porridge Pie) in a Dutch oven. South African side dish with BBQ!



When we boondock, we rake the campsite with a collapsible rake for broken glass, etc.


We use a small 12V 200 GPH bilge pump, to pump water in the camper from a water container. We got the pump from Princess Auto, but is available at many stores. Please click here for more information.


Some of our Tarps, please click here for more.

We sometimes use a camouflage net for privacy in campgrounds.

We use a shade-net, which fastens onto the canopy, provides shade, helps keep the mosquitoes out, is a wind-breaker and gives privacy when we camp in campgrounds.

Lodge Logic Combo Cooker “The lower 3-quart pan of the combo cooker can be used as a dutch oven, fryer, or even a skillet, while the lid can be turned over and put onto a burner or over a campfire and used as a griddle or skillet.”-Bass Pro


Lodge Logic Combo Cooker on the fire.

We can adjust the height of the grill with the rebar rods.

Baking scones in a cast iron Muffin pan.DSC_6594

Coals on top of the Lodge dutch oven, the lid has a raised lip.


Another pipe culvert collar. There is a dutch oven inside with coals on the lid, on the right you can see the charcoal chimney starter. You can see more photos by clicking here.


Stainless steal grill, which we sprayed with cooking spray before grilling over an open fire.

A Braai Pie in a grill.


We use a Garmin GPS


The lantern is filled with Citronella oil for the bugs and light.

The PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp works well for the dogs (and us as well, old age and all).


C-Tech Wireless Weather Station.


A small Coleman solar panel.

Electronics charging in the truck. Please see the next photo.

Charging the camera battery in the truck using a MotoMaster Eliminator 100 W Inverter, which is available from Canadian Tire.

Our Boondocking Equipment.


Boondocking hints.

Camper hints. Camping Recipes.


  1. That braai pie looks delicious. I was amazed to see it was a pudding as my first thought was that it was savory. Have you ever fallen out of your hammock in the middle of the night? Is it secure even if you like sleeping on your side?

    Liked by 1 person

    • We often fill it with savory foods as well, once we used left over Butter chicken.
      Never! I think because they are so big. The tricky part is getting in and out, but you just go and sit in it like a chair and then lie down.
      It should be secure, I have not really got the hang of sleeping in it on my side, but hubby has.
      You must try them out when you visit us, hubby even strings them up on the deck.


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