I♥ my Råskog.

My Råskog.
Nikon D70 ©

Half the fun of being a scrapbooker is reorganizing your stash. In the winter I work upstairs, so that I have more natural light and it is warmer than My Craftroomwhich is in the basement.  Until recently I have been working on the dining room table, but I was taking it over, as you can see here.  So I have moved my Portable craftstation to our home office. I have a small magnetic board against the wall for planning. I have larger ones in My Craftroom, which you can see here. Nikon Coolpix ©


My most used supplies are on the table. I have been fortunate enough to acquire a few 13″x 13″ Iris storage containers for a good price from a thrift-store, which I find handy for storing the supplies I am working on for a layout. Here you can see gathered supplies in the Iris. The pages in progress (P.I.P) are under glass sheets to protect them when I’m not working on them. The tab;e protector is a opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheet as used for cooking.Nikon D70 ©


I love my Råskog cart which is available from Ikea and very popular with scrap-bookers.  Ikea sells Bygel containers, Antonius divided organizers and Wire Mesh Pencil Holders, which work well with the Råskog. Wire Mesh Pencil Holders are also available from Dollar stores, but Ikea’s fit nicely in the Antonius baskets. The Antonius is slightly smaller than the Råskog basket, but one can tuck things in at the back and the basket also prevents them from slipping down. Nikon D70 ©

The baskets are 12″x 14″. The Antonius is 14 5/8×9 1/2×2 3/4 ”


Bygel containers are handy to keep glue-guns, glue sticks, heatguns, a hairdrier, etc. in. Plastic milk jugs also hook nicely over the side. Because the cart is magnetic, wire baskets, magnetic spice jars, magnetic bull-dog clips, etc. can also be attached to the sides. The magnetic baskets can’t take too much weight. My templates hang from the magnetic bull dog clip. Bygel Wire baskets can also be hung over the sides using Bygel S hooks. Nikon D70 ©


The Top Tier holds my most used tools, like adhesives, cutting mats, a scoring board, a pencil sharpener, etc. I have a Ikea Antonius divided organizer in each basket, it is a bit smaller than the basket, so I can tuck things in behind and the Ikea pencil cups fit inside, so they don’t fall over. When I want to go downstairs, I just remove the Antonius and my kart is lighter. Not all my Pencil cups from Ikea are the same color as they were a thrift-store find 😉


I found this painter’s bucket at a dollarstore, it hooks over my cart and has space for my glue gun and glue sticks.

Since then I have spray painted them the same color.


The Center tier holds, pop dots, foam adhesives, baby wipes, small bull-dog clips, inks, journal paper, etc. Here you can see how I use the small bull-dog clips. Nikon D70 ©


The bottom tier holds lesser used tools. Modge Podge, small punches, etc. The Wire Mesh Pencil Holders are from a Dollar store. I store my Paper trimmer under the tier.  Nikon D70 ©


These are some of my most popular supplies, tools, etc

Alphabet stamps small.
Alphabet stencil.
Bone folder
Bulldog clips small.
Card-stock scrap pack
Coloring Pencils
Craft Knife
Cutting mat.
Date stamp
Disposable containers
Embossing tools
Eye-shadow applicators
Emory board
Eraser brush.
Glue Gun
Glue sticks
Graphite Pencils.
Ink pad holder.
Journal pens
Heat proof mat.
Hole punch small.
Magnetic spice holders
Metal magnetic baskets
Nail clipper Big
Nail Clipper small
Pencil Pencil case.
Pencil holders.
Pencil sharpener
Pens (not acid-free)
Photo Corners
Pop Dots
Retractable Eraser
Rubber Stamps Favorite
Ruler Metal cork back
Scissor Big
Scissor Edging
Scissor Small
Scissor Medium
Scrap paper
Stamp Cleaner
Tool-holder Tall
Wet wipes.


Rubber-stamps and ink-pads fit nicely in the Ikea Antonius divided organizers.

Scrapbooking Downstairs with my Raskog Cart.

Pimp My Råskog (Facebook)

DOKUMENT Pencil cup from Ikea


My Craftroom. Please click above for more photos.


Portable craftstation. Please click above for more photos.


  1. Ahh…and this post is what drew me to your blog from Scrapbook.com. My Raskog is aqua but not as neatly organised as yours. Your idea of magnetic holders attached to the side is so practical. Despite all my efforts, my cart does not sit level and rolls with a wobble that bothers me for some silly reason. If only I could think of a way to include my Big Shot on it then it would really serve well. But even so, it does hold an amazing amount of papercrafting supplies. (For papercrafts I am primarily a card maker.) Thank you for taking the time to photograph your cart, all the separate caddies and to label everything.


    • Thank you for your positive feedback, Molly ♥
      I find that if I photograph and share things it helps to motivates me, especially when I get such a lovely response.
      I’m so glad I discovered your blog, now if I can only find you at Scrapbook.com 😉
      I’m sorry that your cart wobbles, even on a carpet mine is fine.
      Have you seen the Pimp My Råskog group on Facebook?
      There are lots of great ideas there. I know some crafters turn the top basket upside down and then put heavy things like Cricuts, sewing machines etc. on top.


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