Oak Barrel Smoker (charcoal/propane).


This oak barrel was bought about 10 years ago and has been sitting

in the backyard since then serving as a table and occasional bird feeder.


Hubby decided he needed a smoker that can work with charcoal and propane

(and sometimes be used as a charcoal B.B.Q.).


The first step was banging the hoops back into position.


Working on a trolley made it easier to move the barrel around.


Doing a hydro test for leaks.


Sanding the hoops and buffing them.

Screwing the staves to the hoops to prevent the barrel from falling apart,
when cutting the lid.

Used # 8 one inch self tapping screws and an impact drill.


Marking the cutting line with masking tape, between the second and third hoop,

to prevent splintering when ripping with a rip saw. He used a portable electric saw.


He was out by an 1/8 “….

(but he is using the “step” as a hard-stop to align the lid to the original position – his story and he is sticking to it).


Adding handles to the barrel and the lid.

The handles were bought from a local hardware store, the original purpose of these 4 ” brackets, are for fence building.


Scrubbing the barrel with dish-washing liquid and water using a copper wire brush like a B.B.Q. grill cleaner.

Leave to dry outside.


Stained the barrel with Watco Danish Oil Black Walnut finish and oiled with Gaudreault antiques Tung Oil.


Drilled holes and attached the intake oxygen/air fittings.


The intake oxygen/air fitting with cap fastened.


The intake oxygen/air fitting with cap removed.


Drilled a hole for digital thermometer.


Fitted a Ball valve to better regulate oxygen/air  intake (to adjust internal temperature of barrel)


Smoker heat source can be propane or charcoal/wood.

The charcoal pan was assembled using a Cast Iron wok on a potted plant stand.


Warning/information: oak ignites at 500 degrees Fahrenheit so do not let coals touch the  barrel staves.

Add water to the bottom of the barrel,  about an inch, for moisture/humidity (and also safety).


Bolted hangers for the grill.


A 22 1/2  ” Circular Weber grill.


The one side of the grill opens.


The charcoal pan with wire basket and cast iron smoking brick. Ten charcoal briquettes lasted six hours.


Added a 2″ copper pipe as a chimney, don’t you think that it is it starting to look a lot like a steam-punk smoker?


Meat prepped. First load. Lid hangs on the other handle for easy handling.


We’re smokin !

The copper chimney works well to keep the smoke out of your eyes and to create the up-draft.


The digital thermometer makes it much easier to monitor.


First peek. Getting there!


Almost there!


Done. Dinner is ready!!

Smoker 1

To feed the propane hoses to the burners inside the barrel, drill a 1″ hole into the bottom of the barrel at the back.
When charcoal smoking close the  hole with a bung.

Smoker 3

Prepping charcoal.

Smoker 4

Further mods.


Charcoal B.B.Q. in action.

Wine Barrel Smoker, Part 1

Wine Barrel Smoker, Part 2

an old rye whiskey barrel smoker

UDS Ugly Drum Smoker Ribs Hook & Cook Style

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11 Responses to Oak Barrel Smoker (charcoal/propane).

  1. Colleen says:

    Wow what an excellent job Charles! So lovely to look at but multifunctional at the same time. Can’t wait to be invited for supper. 😜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Fantasties. Klink my jou hubby is net so handig soos jy? Ongelooflike goeie idee.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. perdebytjie says:

    Briljante plan!Oulike stap-vir-stap foto’s en vertelling.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sonsothunder says:

    This thing is awesome… and you nailed it. Two of my favorite things in life “Steam Punk Art” and “Smokers” Oh, just so you know, and don’t get sued — You left out a pretty important word here:

    Warning/information: oak ignites at 500 degrees Fahrenheit so DO let coals touch the barrel staves.

    Hehe… just so you know.

    Liked by 1 person

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