I scrap-booked one 12″x 12″ page in October 2015. The tag behind the photo has more information about the photo and has a piece of fiber attached.


The photo is of my other sister-in-law and was taken by Happy Days studios, Durban, South Africa. Circa 1964. I used the How to draw back paper edges technique by Gabrielle Pollacco,


Close up of shells, fiber, rubber-stamped image, gauze, etc. I colored the gauze with food coloring.


Another close up. I glued the shells on with hot glue.

I made Hand decorated paper, with watercolors and rock-salt. Please click on photo for more information. Please note that Rock salt is corrosive and should not come in contact with original photos, memorabilia, etc.

Alida-Brits-mermaid-adjHappy Days Studio, Durban, South Africa.


My planning board. My inspiration was “Capturing the adventure” by Gabrielle Pollacco, she blogs at “Such a pretty mess“.

DSC_9431I gather most of my supplies before I start, even if I don’t use it all. Rubber-stamps, sand, gauze, shells, etc.
DSC_9433Fibers, my glue gun, hot glue and heat-proof mat in a container. Some of the other supplies ans tools I used were: Card-stock, textured card-stock, ink, sand, brads, Modge Podge by Plaid,  foam based rubber-stamps, fibers, a tag, 3 D pop squares (I make my own, you can see a tutorial herehessian, gauze, shells, etc.

At the beach page 1. Scrapbooked June 2010. One of my first scrapbook layouts, besides stencils I used the same rubber-stamps as in Mermaid.

At the beach page 2. Please click on photos for more information. Looking back, I think my style has changed a lot, don’t you?


I would ❤️ to hear from you.

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