Flower Girl.


I scrap-booked one 12″x 12″ page in October 2015. The photo was taken in December 1949 by Bridge Studio, 15 Albert Rd. Saltriver, South Africa. The tag behind the photo has more information about the photo and has a piece of fiber attached.


Close up of one of the handmade flowers, which I made by gathering lace and attaching them with brads to the layout. The patterned paper is from “Make it Special” and was punched using a Martha Stewart Border punch, the stringed beads are by “Home Sweet Home” and was attached with hot glue.


I painted the plastic gold-colored buttons with silver nail-polish, removed the backs with pliers and glued them onto the brads with hot glue.


Close up of the other flower, beads, feather, small flowers, tag, paper doily, etc. The 10″ X 14″ rectangular doily is acid-free and available from Bulk Barn. As the doily was wider than the paper, I cut it about 3/4 from the edge and covered the join with the lace. The small fabric flowers are available from Walmart.


I got the bow in a bag of lace from a thrift-store and attached it with hot glue.


Planning on my magnetic board, sketches, my inspiration and some of the supplies like lace, patterned paper, etc. My inspiration was “Helga at 14″ by By: Tracy Christine Funk. You can see more of Tracy’s work here at Scrapbook.com, she also has a beautiful blog, Tracy Christine Funk.

Planning on my other magnetic board, photos, examples of fabric flowers from magazine articles, patterned paper, lace, etc.


Some of the supplies and tools that I used  were  a Martha Stewart Border Punch, lace, brads, plastic buttons (another thrift-store find), K&Company Smash Date Stamp, etc.

Amy Shaw How To Line Up Martha Stewart Border Punches

Hot Glue Gun Tips and Tricks

Header made by me the Font is Curlz MT. The Bonnet Girl Vector shape is from Sissy Wood’s Place this is the link I had before Geocities closed, but I found a link for Sissy’s Place.



  1. You did a great job. Little did she know in 1949 that she would be the star of the show in 2015. Obviously a studio picture. Do you think they went in on the wedding day or recreate the wedding a few days later?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks ♥♥♥
      I don’t know so much about the star 😉
      On the back of the photo is stamped December 1949 by Bridge Studio, 15 Albert Rd. Saltriver, South Africa and just the girl’s name in my mother in law’s handwriting. Fortunately I know who she is and I have many more lovely photos of her, but I do not know who’s wedding it was.

      I have so many girly inspirations, so you might see more of her.

      Oops, I just picked up a typo, its Albert and not Alberta St. !


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