Boats and harbors.

St. John’s-2015 visit.

A foggy day in St. Johns, you can see the BasilicaCathedral, The Rooms and city at the back.

St. John’s, Newfoundland harbor.


“The story goes that fishermen would use the extra paint from their boats to paint their homes, thus allowing for an awesome rainbow effect.”Hike bike travel.

St. John’s, Newfoundland harbor.

It is one of the top ten oceanside destinations, according to National Geographic Magazine.[11] Its name has been attributed to the feast day of John the Baptist, when John Cabot was believed to have sailed into the harbour in 1497, and also to a Basque fishing town with the same name.[12][13]‘ – Wikipedia


“In Newfoundland fishing villages, the houses are brightly painted different colours. Ditto in Irish coastal villages. Local lore in many of these places is that the tradition started so that returning sailors and fisherman could easily identify their homes as they entered the harbour. But it could also be that they were simply using “leftover boat paint,”” –  SARAH HAMPSON The Globe and mail.


Crab traps.

Fishing stages or sheds in Newfoundland, Canada.
Petty Harbor.


Petty Harbor.


Bell Island, Underground Mine Tour, Signal Hill Tattoo and more coming soon.

Scenes from St. John’s, Newfoundland

St. Johns, 2013
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St. John’s Harbor 2013
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