Dinosaur Provincial Park.


After we left Pinters Campground during our Alberta’s Badlands trip, we camped for one night at Dinosaur Provincial Park.


“Visiting Dinosaur Provincial Park is like stepping into another world. There’s a chance for a new discovery around every corner! Explore the badlands, camp under the stars or participate in a fully authentic dinosaur dig.”Dinosaur Provincial Park.

DSC_0920We chose a site with power, as it was very hot and the sites were bigger and had more shade. The campground was fully booked for the weekend, as it is very popular, so we were fortunate to get in for one night.


“There are 126 campsites located within the park, all with picnic tables and fire pits. Most of the sites are surrounded by cotton wood tress and willow bushes creating a wind break and some privacy. Some of the sites are located in the open next to the Badlands.” – Alberta Wow


Dinosaur Provincial Park is a designated ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. It is located in central southern Alberta 32 km N.E. of Brooks. This area is world renowned for it’s Dinosaur fossils. The natural, odd shaped land formations here are called the Badlands.”- Alberta Wow


“This area is very dry and hot during the summer. Make sure to pack lots of water when hiking.” – Alberta Wow


We didn’t go hiking, as it was too hot and when it cooled down it was too dark, but the dogs were able to cool down in a creek at the back of our campsite.


Registration is at the Cretaceous Café, Convenience Store & Campground Office, with very friendly and helpful staff.




On top of the world.



Past 8 pm and still hot in the shade.


That’s all of our Alberta’s Badlands trip, until next time.

Alberta, Canada ~ Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Camping in Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park


Dinosaur Trail.

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