Wayne-Ghost town.


We visited the ghost Town of Wayne on a hot day during our  Alberta’s Badlands trip. We were there before on our 2007 Visit.


We had a cold beer and chips at the Last Chance saloon.


“The Rosedeer Hotel opened in 1913 in the dusty boomtown of Wayne, Alberta.” – Last Chance saloon.


We were able to sit on the patio, so the dogs were in the shade.


“The tiny town of Wayne in Alberta’s Badlands is not exactly a ghost town, but it’s not far off. Before the coal mine shut down, the town boasted a population of nearly 2,500 souls. Today, there are only 27 or, to be more accurate, 27 1/2 , as one of the town’s residents is pregnant. That’s big news in a community that has been in decline for decades.” – Canada.com


Dinosaur Valley Express.


“Coal mining started in the Badlands in 1912, boosting the population of Wayne to more than 2,500. ” Last Chance saloon.


Hoodoos. The Star Mine Suspension BridgeDinosaur Provincial Park and more coming soon.

Last Chance Saloon, Wayne, Alberta.

Ghost hunting in Alberta’s Badlands

2007 Visit.


Sandon Ghost Town.

Quesnel Forks Ghost Town


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