Summer in the city.

We attended Stampede Olga’s Masks and Stampede Bolly Flash Mob on a very hot summer day during the Calgary Stampede. Nikon ©

Both events were held
on Stephens Avenue walk, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Nikon ©

The Calgary Tower. Taken with a Nikon D300 and wide-angle lens.©

A busker. Nikon ©

Stampede Olga’s Masks Valkyriemodel.
Please click for more.

Stampede Olga’s Masks model.
Please click for more.

Painted windows. Nikon ©

Painted windows. Nikon ©

Painted windows. Nikon ©

Stephens Avenue walk. Nikon ©

Summer In The City

The steel “Trees” sculpture on Stephen Avenue, designed to reduce wind gusts between the buildings.Taken with a Nikon D300 and wide angle lens.©

Trees Sculpture. Nikon ©

Poster.. Nikon ©

Another Busker.

Decorated window. Nikon ©


Stampede Olga’s Masks.
Please click for more.



Stampede Bolly Flash Mob.
Please click for more.

Calgary Attractions


  1. Interesting as always. You look lovely & cool. LOVE the bronze cowboy. He is the stereotype of what you imagine A cowboy to be..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you liked it 😉
    Thanks, I was so glad I dressed that way, as it was very hot, with little shade, we walked quite a bit and I danced, so I was glad I wore sandals.
    He must have been very hot, with the make up and hot clothes, he was also in the sun.
    It was so funny people walked passed him thinking he was a statue, then he would move and they would get such a fright.


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