Elk Falls Suspension Bridge


While we were camping at Elk Falls Provincial Park, we visited Elk Falls and the suspension bridge during our 2015 Vacation.


“Expanded accessible trails around the park better serve hikers and those taking the short stroll from the new, larger parking lot to the falls. New maps can be found throughout the park, highlighting the area’s recreational features.” – Suncruiser media.com


“The trail head begins at the top of General Hill at the new entrance to Elk Falls Provincial Park and trails and featuring the BC Hydro sponsored John Hart interpretive centre as well as a 83 stall parking lot complete with washrooms.” – Go Campbellriver


It was a very hot day for hiking and the dogs were very tired climbing the metal stairs and walking over the metal bridge, unfortunately we couldn’t take photos of the falls from the bridge as the railing was too high, but it was still worth it as the forest and trail is beautiful as well.


“A short walk down a wheel chair accessible pathway consigns you to the Elk Falls Provincial Park Suspension Bridge first of a series of platforms offering stunning views of the  25 metre falls  while the second platform is accessible by a series of stairways leading the to suspension bridge, perched on each side of the canyon via a series of thick weight bearing high quality cables.” Go Campbellriver

DSC_7917“At 64 metres above the Campbell River, Elk Falls Suspension Bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge on Vancouver Island.”- Suncruiser media.com


“The 60-metre long suspension bridge offers free family fun with unprecedented views of the majestic Elk Falls. If the suspense of crossing is too much to handle, visitors have safe views of the iconic falls from two new viewing platforms; one directly facing Elk Falls and one easily accessible for visitors of all abilities.” – Suncruiser media.com


I love waterfalls.


Another view of the bridge.


Elk Falls Provincial Park Suspension Bridge – With Video

A visit to Elk Falls Provincial Park, Campbell RiverDSC_7895
Campbell River

French Beach Provincial park and more coming soon.


    • I’m glad you liked them 😉 The view from the bridge is also amazing, but although I could see through the fence, my camera couldn’t. It is a lovely hike, I was fooled thinking it was short and didn’t take a water-bottle, because it was very humid and a steep climb.
      I hope your summer has arrived.

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