Nanaimo Marina.


We visited the Nanaimo Marina on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada on a cloudy day during our 2015 Vacation.DSC_7849

Nanaimo is one of our favorite places.


The dogs got a lot of attention as usual.


“There is no shortage of enticing activities to enjoy on the land adjoining Nanaimo’s waterfront. From relaxing seaside walks to dining, shopping or enjoying an evening of theatre, life on the seaside of the ‘Harbour City’ offers point of interest at every turn. The Port of Nanaimo has been an active player in the planning, development, and management of most of these foreshore amenities and highlights.” The Nanaimo Port Authority



Now, that is some yacht.





Our dogs Skokijan and Kris on the right.


Petro Canada Marina Fueling station.



I spotted the man in the dingy, I think it is the same man we saw in 2009, see next two photos.

Man with beard, woman and bird in boat, taken in 2009. Please see next photo.

Man with beard and bird in boat, taken in 2009. Please see previous photo.

Nanaimo 2010

Vancouver Island 2009


  1. doesn’t he look like a ” person of intrest” Someone who has travelled a different path from the rest of us, with many tall tales to tell?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dankie, ek is bly jy hou daarvan. Ons kan baie gelukkig wees, hulle is twee besonderde honde en ons is so bly ons kan hulle saamneem.
      Ek stem saam, hy is seker op pad na sy jag toe, hie-hie 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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