Ferry to Vancouver island.


After we left Syranga Creek, during our 2015 Vacation, we drove via Osoyoos and spent the night at Hazelmere RV Park, where we have stayed before. Hazelmere has free Wi-fi, a password is available from the office, Hot clean coin operated showers, with a outlet for hairdryers, nice sites near the creek, an off leash area, a swimming pool, hot tub and many full time residents. Hazelmere is quite close to the U.S.A. border, the city of Whiterock, Vancouver, the ferry terminal to Vancouver Island, etc.


We took the ferry from Tsawwassen (Vancouver) to Duke Point (Nanaimo) on a sunny, 20 degrees Celsius, windy day. Free Wi- fi is available at the ferry terminal and on the ferry.

Map of B.C Ferries routes.
The Tsawwassen Quay Market at the ferry terminal, has free wi-fi, restaurants, washrooms, gift shops, etc.



Queen of Alberni.
Crossing Time: 2 hours
Distance: 38 nautical miles


Built:      1976, Vancouver
Overall Length: 139.29 m (457′)
Maximum Displacement: 6,422 tonnes
Car Capacity:      290 including 24 semis
Passenger & Crew Capacity: 1,193
Maximum Speed: 21.0 knots
Horsepower:     11,536
Amenities: Coastal Café cafeteria, Passages Gift Shop, Video Zone video arcade, elevator, telephones, showers, washroom for people with disabilities, tourist information (brochures)
Route:  Duke Point-Tsawwassen.






One of the islands with a lighthouse.


Leaving the ferry.

Next: Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park and more coming soon.


Syranga Creek


    • I remember those, hee-hee, was it in the Transkei?

      We recently took the Bleriot Ferry, which is a free over the Red Deer River in Alberta, the ferry alone almost crosses the river and I think the cost of a bridge would be less than the operating costs of the cable ferry, so I think it’s more of a tourist attraction. It was fun though as the ferry man was very friendly and even posed for photos.

      “Ferry crosses about a 20 meter gap from end of ferry to shoreline in about 5 minutes. All kinds of time to ask “Are we there yet?”


  1. Can you imagine driving that huge truck on & off the ferry? The weather looks much warmer than 20, must have been a cold wind. Great pics as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wouldn’t even want to drive a caravan off and on, as they pack the vehicles in so tightly, that you have to sometimes even have to fold in your side-mirrors and it’s difficult to get out of your vehicle.
      Fortunately it’s quite cozy and spacious inside.
      Thank, I’m glad you like them 😉


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