Syranga Creek


After  we left Sandon Ghost Town, we stayed for two nights at Syringa Creek Provincial park, which is on the Northern Arrow lake in British Columbia, Canada.


Syringa Creek Provincial park is beautiful, with large Cedar groves, hot clean showers, a sanistation, off leash area and very friendly camp staff, who told us about a rock-slide in the area, which we went to the next day.


View from our campsite.


“Syringa Provincial Park is located in south central BC near the southeast end of the Lower Arrow Lake. The lake is a part of the Columbia River that was widened and deepened with the construction of the Hugh Keenleyside Dam at Castlegar. “-Syringa Creek Provincial park


Some of the attractions near Syringa Creek Provincial park are an abandoned rail grade between Midway and Castlegar, the lake, hiking, the rock or water-slide, Brilliant Suspension Bridgeetc.There is no cellphone reception or wi-fi. It is close to a paper-mill and power-station, but it was not a problem.


The next day we took the road to the rock-slide. Broadwater road to Deer park is a winding and climbing gravel road,  I  recommend a 4 x 4 .


We saw some Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep on our way to the rock-slide.


“In Canada, there are two species of mountain sheep, each with two subspecies. The larger species is the bighorn sheep, Ovis canadensis. The two subspecies of bighorn sheep are Rocky Mountain bighorn, which occur in the Canadian Rockies, and the smaller California bighorn sheep that inhabit the arid ranges of south-central British Columbia. The other species of mountain sheep is called thinhorn or Dall sheep, Ovis dalli, which occurs in northern British Columbia, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Here, we will focus on bighorn sheep.’ – Canadian geographic Magazine.

DSC_0504Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep with the lake behind.


The rock-slide is at  11 k.m.


Natural Water Slide in Syringa, B.C. Canada. Video on YouTube



Coming back from the rock-slide.


Syringa Creek Provincial park.

Next   Ferry to Vancouver island.

More of our 2015 Vacation coming soon.


Syringa Provincial Park

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  1. Those sheep are unlike any sheep I have seen. Horns & eyes like a goat. Don’t think they would make good tjopies. Are they quite tame?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That was my first reaction as well when I saw them the first time. We see them quite often in Alberta, it is a pity we didn’t see them when we took you to Kananaskis.
      I think they become relatively tame, or tolerant of humans, but they are hunted.
      I won’t get out of the car and walk towards them.


    • Dit is, maar daardie water was K-O-U-D!
      Ek was ook maar bly want ek was te bang om daar af te gly, maar die poel sou lekker gewees het om in te swem.
      Gelukkig nie 😉


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