Sandon Ghost Town


“Formerly operated as the Molly Brown Brothel in world famous Sandon. During the early ’90’s, a group of locals restored this turn of the previous century’s two story French Provincial building.” – Realtor


The next day during our 2015 Vacation we left Nakusp and traveled +- 45 k.m. on a climbing and winding road to the town of New Denver. I do not recommend the last steep 5 km gravel road to Sandton Silver line museum for trailers, although we did it.

Considered as being one of the true classic ghost towns of west, Sandon is the focal point of B.C.’s famed Valley of the Ghosts.At one time boasting a population of 10,000, Sandon was the prime mineral (silver, lead and zinc) mining community in the valley, five miles off the main Highway 31A” – Ghost towns of Canada-Sandon


The town of Sandon was born April 7, 1892 when J.M.”Johnny” Harris uncovered a fabulous vein of silver. He was born in Virginia and spent his early boyhood in the tobacco and cotton fields. Still only a boy, he left Virginia and wound up in Idaho in 1884 where he worked in the gold mines.- Read more at Ghost towns of Canada-Sandon






“The Silversmith Powerhouse is the oldest operating hydro station in BC and supplies Hydro to Sandon.”- We love RVing.



There was still some snow on the ground.



“In 2001, hundreds of them were slated for a scrap heap in Richmond after the auto parts yard they had sat in was sold.” More at Ghost Town Mysteries: The old trolley buses of Sandon, B.C.



“Sandon, located between New Denver and Kaslo, was once the centre of commerce in the region, but was largely abandoned after a 1955 flood.’ More at Ghost Town Mysteries: The old trolley buses of Sandon,


Inside previous building.




Quesnel Forks Ghost Town


  1. I imagined a brothel a bit more exciting than that! No red velveteen anywhere. Can you buy those old cast iron items? It must have been a big place to have all those trams. No Chinese fafi houses?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately we couldn’t go inside, as we were a bit early for the tourist season.
      I don’t know, the houses at the top are private houses, which I didn’t realize at the time, the Brothel’s also for sale now.
      Some of the trams are from Vancouver, we recognized the stations.
      Sorry, no fafi houses, unless the were sold ;-(


  2. Incredible post. I have difficulties to imagine that once a living town is later ghost town. The prohibition sign of spitting causes me to smile and at the same time brought to my memories the time when I was child there was quite similar prohibition sign in our trams. It is in our modern days hard to imagine that spitting was general.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so glad that you liked it.
      We were lucky, we were the only tourists there, but I don’t know if I want to be there alone at night 😉
      Fortunately some of the ghost towns are being preserved, as they are very interesting.


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