Ferry to Nakusp


We took a ferry during our 2015 Vacation over Upper Arrow Lake in British Columbia, Canada .


Here we are waiting at the ferry terminal, which has bath-rooms, picnic tables and a lovely view of the lake.


This beautiful free Ferry ride runs year round.


We have taken this ferry before, from Galena Bay Across Upper Arrow Lake to Shelter Bay. You can read about here.


A map of the area.


Here we are on the ferry, which has bathrooms as well.


What perfect weather.




That night we camped at Burton Historical park, which is South of Nakusp and in West Kootenay, British Columbia, Canada. Burton has clean hot showers,  lovely scenery, firewood for sale, friendly staff, free available freezers space, a large beach, etc. The previous time we were in the vicinity we camped at McDonald Creek Provincial Park.


The view from our campsite of the beach at Burton Historical park.


That evening we had Bacon, beans, onions, etc. which we fried in our cast iron pan on the gas stove.


Deer in Burton Historical park.

“Nakusp’s settlement history begins in 1892 when the town site was put up for sale by the Rand Bros. – 25’ lots sold for as much as $300 each. Speculation was that Nakusp would become a mining town.”The Village of Nakusp

Close attractions in the area are Arrow lake, the town of Nakusp , Halcyon Hot Springs, Nakusp Hotsprings, Sandon, a ghost-town which we visited the next day, McDonald Creek Provincial Park, Ainsborough hot springs, etc.
We missed the turnoff to Ainsborough hot springs the next day as it was poorly marked.

We left Burton on a rainy day and had a great Breakfast of “Hoss n’egger” in Nakusp at Cutrite Meats & Deli, Broadway St, Nakusp. We also had great Samosas.

Cedra at the Nakusp visitor’s center was very friendly and helpful.


Look at the size of those logs! Photo taken through window.

More coming soon:

Sandon Ghost Town



McDonald Creek Provincial Park.

Arrow Lakes ~ Nakusp, BC ~ Kootenays


    • Yes, I am just glad that we can take many photographs, but we also missed some shots, with the camper it isn’t always easy to stop.
      I am looking forward to your backpacking trip.
      It was a bit cool sometimes, but the mosquitoes weren’t that bad yet.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Magnificent weather. No dogs? I didn’t think you would get that close to the deer if they were with you. I see you shared the ferry with bikers. Must be an amazing trip to do on a touring bike.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We were lucky, it wasn’t too hot and the mossies weren’t out yet.
      They are well trained, they don’t chase or bark at wildlife, other dogs is another story 😉
      We saw so many bikers, that hubby is considering getting one as well ;-).
      We chatted with the man on the bike while waiting for the ferry and he made some great suggestions, he suggested that we stay at Burton, as well as visit Sandon Ghost Town, which we did.
      What amazes me as how many back packing cyclist we saw, some were tackling passes which i couldn’t even walk.


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