Alida W. Smit.

From left to right is my father Petrus Johannes Smit (2.1.1932-24.12.2014) my great Aunt Alida Wilhelmina Smit (25.7.1881-2.9.1960) and my aunt (Dad‘s sister) Christina Philippina Magrietha Smit (5.7.1936-21.6.1939)  It looks like a professional photograph and was taken at The Grand Parade, Cape Town, South Africa. Circa 1939. Photo restored and colorized by Facebook group Restoring and Coloring Old Family Pictures

The words on the shopping bag helped me identify the right side of the negative, it looks as if it might say The Grand Parade. What do you think? What could be in the bag? My grandparents lived in Clanwilliam at the time, I wonder if they went to Cape Town for the day.
Alida’s father was Petrus Smit (16.2.1857-23.8.1937) and her mother was Anna Catharina Smit Nèe Nieuwoudt (25.10.1863-7.7.1906) her siblings were Petrus Johannes Smit ( 13.3.1884-31.12.1914) and Andries Petrus Smit (29.11.1897-1.10.1941). I would like to scrapbook this photo.

This is a photo of a negative which I got from my father. The negative is thick and quite big so it is difficult to scan. I took a photo on my My Light-Box and adjusted it in Adobe Photoshop.  It was taken at the Grand Parade, Cape Town, possibly on the same day as this photo. Circa 1939. From left to right is my father (Dad age 7) Petrus Johannes Smit (2.1.1932-24.12.2014), My Paternal Grandfather Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit. (20.9.1894-1.10.1970), my Grandmother Pieteriza Cilliers Van Ellewee (7.10.01- 7.7.1992) and my aunt (Dad‘s sister) Christina Philippina Magrietha Smit (5.7.1936-21.6.1939) I have scrap-booked this photo “Moment in time

Grand parade

The Grande parade Cape Town.  Still from British Pathe News Circa 1940.

If you look closely  it looks like the same backdrop that were used in our photos, could that be the same photographer, isn’t that wonderful?

Grand Parade 1940 (1)

The Grande parade Cape Town.
Still from British Pathe News Circa 1940

Grand Parade 1940 (2)

The Grande parade Cape Town.
Still from British Pathe News Circa 1940

Market day on the Grand Parade. Circa 1940’s. Video from British Pathe news.

“The Grand Parade is the main public square in Cape Town, South Africa. The square is surrounded by the Cape Town City Hall, the Castle of Good Hope, and the Cape Town railway station. The square is generally used as a market place and parking area.”Wikipedia

Cape Town The Early Days (Facebook)

“Up until the early 1980s, the Grand Parade was described as “the pulsating heart of Cape Town,” a resemblance of London’s Petticoat Lane or Hyde Park corner, where raucous commercial activity would come to assert the space’s character as a long-standing and essential feature of city life. Customers had the luxury of being able to buy anything from flowers and fruit to cold drinks and even property in Belville, all at one flea market. At that time, many of those running stalls were third generation parade fruit-sellers.”-


Moment in time.


Great Aunt Alida


  1. Wonderful to have. By the time your Dad is a man the camera would have evolved enough for you to have the ” Scotty” type, walking on the pavement photos. Much more natural & life like than these. Must have been agony for the kids to sit still staring at the camera for all that time. The back drop is so removed from CT & Africa. Looks a bit Vesuvian don’t you think? Perhaps the bag is full of clothes for the kids?

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are, I am so glad I have a little information about them, which I got from my dad, but I could have known even more. I only discovered the Pathe news footage yesterday, my dad would have loved that. I’m so glad you noticed the volcanos, maybe it was supposed to look as if they were travel photos 😉 I wonder what our grandparents will think of today’s “selfies”.
      I also think it would have been clothes in the bag. I am especially impressed with my aunt as a baby, keeping so still, did you see she has an apple in her hand in the one photo?


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