Moment in time


I scrap-booked one 12″ x 12″ page in February 2014. The photo is of my father Petrus Johannes Smit (2.1.1932-24.12.2014), my grandfather Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit (20.9.1894-1.10.1970), my grandmother Pieteriza Cilliers Smit Nèe van Ellewee (7.10.1901-7.7.1993) and my aunt Christina Phillipina Smit (5.7.1936- 21.6.1939) The photo was scanned from a negative. Circa 1939. It looks like a professional photograph and was taken at The Grand Parade, Cape Town, South Africa. The card opens for more information. Nikon D70 ©


This is a close up detail of the flowers which I made from gathered lace, the clock and flourish was made with hot glue. I covered the background with gauze which I attached with Modge Podge.  Nikon D70 ©


I fastened the clock pattern under the card-stock, attached with pegs on to My Light-Box to do the hot glue clock on the card-stock. My glue gun is on a trivet at the back. I painted the clock with acrylic paint.
Please note, do not use Hot glue for photos, the heat and acidity can harm your photos. I covered the glue with layers of acid-free paint.  Nikon D70 ©

Sources: Clock Face with Roman Numerals from The Graphics Fairy and Lace Flower tutorial from Funezcrafts.

Some of the supplies I used were: Patterned paper Celebrations Memory block 4, Hot glue, photo anchor, photo corners, Modge Podge Matte by Plaid, brads, lace, small fabric flower stickers, transparency, Food coloring, Gauze, ribbon, card-stock, white seed beads, white floral stems, buttons, etc.
I made the gathered flowers very similar to the Lace Flower tutorial from Funezcrafts.
I used a chipboard flourish from Maya Road as a pattern for the swirl. I used an index card as template for the tab.
Please note to print on a transparency, select transparency in printer options and leave to dry before handling.

Aunty Chris by Kgr53505 (Kaye Grieve) at Please click on thumbnail for more information. Please visit Kaye Grieve’s blog Save on scrapbooking now for more details on Aunty Chris.


My paternal grandmother Pieteriza Cilliers Van Ellewee. (7.10.01- 7.7.1992).


  1. What a moment – you did a wonderful job. It looks very evocative & you went to lots of trouble. Does it open? Is it a frame? Your grandmother had an amazing name – her father must have been Pieter. Did he not have a son to give the name to? Is she the grandmother that lived to an old, old age? This picture asks more questions than it answers. She doesn’t look very happy, she has a wild look in her eye, like an animal who is half broken. Even her foot is turned away from her husband & she is making sure her daughter’s legs don’t touch your grandfather. He is the only one who looks comfortable in his skin. Someone has kept this photo folded? Hidden? Am I reading something out of nothing. Write a short story about this. Xxx

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    • Thank you very much Colleen, it was my first try at mixed media with texture and I hesitated scrap-booking the photo as the quality is so poor.
      Unfortunately I don’t have the photo, only a negative, which was difficult to scan as it is thick and big. The negative doesn’t have a fold, some of the negatives look as if they are photos of photos, I don’t know why, maybe the photo was crinkled. It was very difficult to restore because the fold is over their faces.
      The card does open with more information about them and The Grand Parade.I have been looking for a photo of The Grand Parade taken at that time to include, but I have been unsuccessful so far. She did indeed live up to 90 years.
      Poor grandma, with a name like that, I always have to check how to spell it and it is spelled different on each document. Her dad’s name was Stephanus Petrus, she had about 8 sibling some of them boys. Her second name Cilliers is also probably a family name, as her grandfather was Petrus Cilliers Van Ellewee.
      I understand the reason people were so serious when a photographer took their photos those day, was due to the fact that they couldn’t move, but the body language is interesting indeed.


    • I’m glad you like it. Blue is my favorite color. Ek is bly, jy leer by my ook ietsie 😉 Ja, ek is baie gelukkig om die ou fotos te hê, ek is veral gek oor die sepia.

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