Spoon Ring


What is better than your hubby buying you a ring?
Helping you to make a spoon ring 😉


As it was our first try at making a spoon ring, we used an old sterling silver tea-spoon that we got from a thrift-store. Nikon D70 ©


As the spoon was a bit plain we decided to use the other side, where the stamp was. Nikon D70 ©


These are some of the tools he used. Please note, that  you do not need all these tools, but it easier if you have them, which we do as hubby uses them for some of he’s hobbies.
Top left to right 400 grid sandpaper and pieces of leather.
Bottom: Vice jaw protectors, needle file, hacksaw, another needle file, socket set pipe, (any pipe can be used) wood ring mandrel, pliers, mallet hammer, jewelers saw and a file. Nikon D70 ©


As there are many great tutorials on the internet, I will only share how he did it. He used a vice, which is bolted onto a piece of wood, which was a great help. Here the spoon is clamped into the vice, around a pipe and protected by a piece of leather. Please note that because we wanted to use the back of the spoon, it is fastened the other way. Nikon D70 ©


Bending the spoon around the pipe. Nikon D70 ©


The bent spoon. Nikon D70 ©


The spoon is now placed at an angle, so that it can overlap. Nikon D70 ©


The spoon photographed on the Vice jaw protectors. Nikon D70 ©


Nikon D70 ©

The spoon is protected by the 
Vice jaw protectors, clamped in the Vice, ready to cut off at the notch. Nikon D70 © The Jeweler’s saw is used to cut off the spoon, but a hacksaw can also be used.


The spoon is fastened into the vice, protected by the Vice jaw protectors, so that the sharp end can be filed. Nikon D70 ©

Filing the sharp end, using a needle file. Nikon D70 ©



A piece of leather can be inserted to protect the ring. Nikon D70


Doing some sanding. Nikon D70.



Whats left of the spoon is wrapped around the pipe and protected by the leather. Nikon D70 ©



The ring is flattened with a mallet hammer. Nikon D70 ©


What do you think? I love it! I learnt a lot and we had lots of fun. I have been wearing my ring for a few days now and find it quite comfortable. Nikon D70 ©

by the merry thought.

Just spoonin’ by Connie.

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6 Responses to Spoon Ring

  1. Sartenada says:

    Very innovative and inspiring! This is lovely post.

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  2. Wow – lyk my jou man is net so kreatief soos jy! Ek dind dis ‘n fantasties oulike idee.

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  3. cocoaupnorth says:

    That’s a brilliant idea.

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