Scrap-booking Hints.

I use a lazy Susan for my most used supplies.

I use a fishing tackle box filled with supplies, which I take along when we go camping.

I use photo albums for my large Acrylic stamps.


Some hardware stores sell extender posts for post-bound albums which are longer, stronger and cheaper than the one’s sold at craft stores.


My pages in progress file.

I use a magnetic planning board.

I decorate my own patterned papers. Please click for more information.

I keep my most used supplies close to me.

I tear out the best magazine articles and file them under subjects like “Scraplift, Vintage, Titles, Embellishments, etc.

My craft-room. I love the table down the middle, where I can spread out the layouts that I’m working on. I cover them with glass sheets (microwave oven glass plates, second hand from thrift-stores) to protect them when I’m not working from “you know who“.

Photographing your scrapbook layouts.

How to Photograph your scrapbook layouts indoors without sunlight.

How To: Photograph Your Scrapbook Pages by Crystal Jeffrey Rieger.

Tutorial – Photographing Layouts


I cut these photo, title, borders, embellishments, etc. templates from opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheets as used for cooking.
I got them at a Dollar-store.
They are marked with a permanent marker.
I then punched a hole in them, with a hole punch and hung them from a shower curtain ring. I think they will be handy when I design pages.


I traced some of my templates with a permanent marker on opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheets as used for cooking. I got them at a Dollar-store.


Here they are cut out.


I punched holes in them with a hole punch and hung them from a shower curtain ring.

You can find some of templates on my Pinterest board.


I got these 12 “x 12” dividers from a thrift-store.

  • I photograph my layouts on my magnetic board, attached with magnets, which I remove in Adobe Photoshop. I also use perspective correction in Photoshop.This is the way I do it, I don’t crop the photo, (leave a space around the image). I use the grid (view-show grid), to see when it is straight, select-all, Edit-transform-skew. You will see a frame around the image, pull the corners till it’s straight. Enter. Then crop off the unwanted, Save.

1-dsc_9561I use rubber-stamps to make background patterns.  You can see more by clicking here. Nikon D70 ©

1-dsc_9571I always try out my stamps on a piece of scrap paper before stamping onto my projects. You can see more by clicking here.

1-dsc_9570I use brass paper fasteners for brads. Nikon D70 ©

  • I paint them different colors with nail polish. Nikon D70 © You can see more by clicking here.

I always sign my work at the back, and cover the backs of the Brads (brass paper fasteners) with adhesive tape, so that I don’t damage my scrapbooks. Nikon D70 ©


I bought small acrylic picture frames and acrylic blocks at the dollar-store, to which I attach my acrylic stamps, I have so many that I don’t have to remove the stamps from the ones I use regularly.


These acrylic picture frames are bigger.

The ones that come in sets, are in zip-lock bags.

Organization | Stamp Storage

How to Store Rubber and Craft Stamps.

I also use the lids of Stack-able Interlocking Clear Containers for Beads, Crafts Findings and Small Items.

These are great for alphabets.


I store the bags in clear plastic containers by size.


The small bags, Rubber-stamps and ink-pads fit nicely in the Ikea Antonius divided organizers.

Larger bags are kept in a clear larger plastic container.

  • I always buy more than one set of chipboard alphabet sets, as I use some letters more than others.
  • I use an index card file box to organize the techniques that I have tried out. I try out the technique on the one side, make notes on the back and file.

My Light-Box


I store Stickles, Distress inks, glitter/glue, etc. in Vanity Organizers for lipstick and nail polish. I store them upside down, they fit better and it helps keep the nozzles clear.


Essentials 16-Compartment Plastic Organizer


12″ x 13″ Plastic crates on wheels under my table, which holds my 12″ x 12″ patterned papers, kits, etc.

13″ x 13″ Plastic Milk crates, plastic totes, plastic drawers, etc. Available from Homedepot, Walmart, Staples, etc.


Stencils in magazine holders.


Creative Options – Vineyard Collection – 12 x 12 Project Boxes – Clear.


13″ x 13″ Plastic Iris boxes, 12″ plastic pencils cases and spray bottles in shelves.


  • Stencils in magazine holders.
  • 1-DSC_0532
  • I keep my glue gun in a tape dispenser.
  • How to Rehydrate Your Glue Sticks.

  • Store ink-pads upside down so that they don’t dry out.
  • I store my rubber-stamps in printer’s trays.
  • Use a Nail clipper instead of a corner rounder.
  • Use empty “Huggies” travel baby-wipes containers to keep a wet cloth, paper towel, sponge, etc.
  • Use a paint stripper Heat gun instead of a heat gun for heat embossing.
  • I keep an empty tissue-box on my table for small scraps that I want to throw away, like the backs of mounting tape.
  • When I have photos printed, I include the date in the file-name, as some stores print the file-name on the back.
  • I cover my work with clear glass sheets like used for kitchen counters to protect and flatten them a little.
  • I scan and publish my layouts on a Blog, adding information like paper, fonts, sources, etc. It encourages me to work a bit neater, I learn a lot from the feedback and it helps me keep track of sources and information.
  • I use a Paper-shredder to cut Cardstock into strips.  I got this idea from the book “Cutting edge photo cropping” by Memory Makers.
  • I use a craft knife to remove stickers.
  • Printing Multiple Photos, clip-art, etc. on a single page in Adobe Photoshop Click on File- automate-photo-merge choose interactive layout drag and drop from the top.
  • I use flexible plastic cutting board sheets for My Light-Box and working with hot glue. I spray them with cooking spray and drop hot glue on them for making faux wax seals, pebble accents, etc. A few hours later I just peel them off. Hot glue, alcohol ink and Powdered pearls
  • I use a dry Sticky Lint Roller as a Brayer.
  • I use Nail-clippers, instead of a corner rounder.
  • You can remove old stuck photos by sliding dental floss beneath the corners of the photo and carefully sliding it back and forth to gently “saw” through the adhesive.
  • Scan newspaper clippings, cards, mementos, etc. and print them on archival paper.
  • I color ribbon, fibers, lace, etc. with food-color or die.
  • Pour talcum powder over sticky glue which won’t dry.
  • Ink the edges when fussy cutting.

These are some of my favorite scrapbooking hints.
Do you have any, I would love to hear from you?

Homemade Pop-Up Dots

Craft supplies, sources, etc. 


  1. WOW! Jong, as ek lank genoeg jou blog lees gaan jy my ook aansteek met jou scrap-booking. Ek dink as mens aftree kan dit ‘n lekker hobby raak. Jy is omtrent ge-orginize.

    Ek gaan defnitief jou dophou en kyk wat jy alles maak …

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  2. Ek sal baie daarvan hou. Ek stem saaam met jou, ek sien baie daarna uit om meer tyd te hê, want ek het soveel idees. Die plannery, organisasie en bymekaar maak is net so lekker. Ek is bly, glo my dit is heerlik, ek hoop ek steek jou ook aan.


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