Lighthouse Photos.

Cape Spear Lighthouse, Newfoundland, Canada. Please click for more.

 Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada.
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Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada
Most Easterly Point in North America
Photo: Nikon 35 mm. ©

Cape Spear Lighthouse (2019)

“The oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland and Labrador is located at the most easterly point of land in North America. It has been restored to its 1839 appearance and shows how a lightkeeper and his family might have lived in the mid-19th century. The Visitor Centre contains exhibits on the history of lighthouses and the tradition of lightkeeping. The site is surrounded by spectacular scenery and wildlife such as whales, seabirds and icebergs in season.” – Parks Canada


Fort Amherst, Newfoundland, Canada.

Fort Amherst – St John’s – Hiking Newfoundland


Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada.


Fisgard Lighthouse Historical Site
Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC Built November 16, 1860
Nikon D 70 ©

The first lighthouse on Canada’s west coast is still in operation! There hasn’t been a keeper here since the light was automated in 1929, but every year many thousands of visitors step inside a real l9th century light, and capture some of the feeling of ships wrecked and lives saved.

“Built by the British in 1860, when Vancouver Island was not yet part of Canada, Fisgard’s red brick house and white tower has stood faithfully at the entrance to Esquimalt harbour. Once a beacon for the British Royal Navy’s Pacific Squadron, today Fisgard still marks home base for the Royal Canadian Navy.”

Amphitrite Lighthouse, at the south end of Ucluelet, Pacific Rim, Vancouver island, Canada. Cloudy and 13 degrees Celsius

“Originally, the lighthouse was lit with a Wigham lamp, a type of lamp developed in the 1900s by the Canadian Coast Guard. The lamp was fueled by a large vat of mineral oil and had a long wick that was drawn out by clock work. In 1914 it was demolished by a tidal wave and replaced by a traditional lantern. The lighthouse is currently automated and un-manned.” – Amphitrite Lighthouse

Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada.2011,

“Construction started in 1939 and it officially opened in 1940. This lighthouse performed a very important function during World War II, with its call letters of “n” for nuts and “a” for apple informing the loaded ore carriers in Conception Bay that a convoy was waiting for them.” – Bell

Atkinson lighthouse, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Point Atkinson Lighthouse was built in 1875 on granite boulders jutting out into Burrard Inlet in West Vancouver, Canada. Wikipedia

Vanccouvervac20_5_08 015A lighthouse seen from the ferry to Vancouver island, British Columbia, Canada.

Bull Head LighthouseEast Coast Trail. Newfoundland, Canada. 11.11.2002.
“The lighthouse is accessible on foot from the community of Bay Bulls. The three-mile trail to the lighthouse is part of the East Coast trail.” – Lighthouse digest.

Bell Island, Newfoundland. 2002 35 m.m. ©

Cape Spear Lighthouse, Newfoundland, Canada. Please click for more.


  1. Wow. I love this kind of posts! Your collection of light houses is impressive and so gorgeous photos. Thank You showing them. Of course in Finland we have a lot of lighthouses, but have not photographed then. They are on islands and there are no regular transports to them. In summer there are organized tours.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I love lighthouses, but they are far from us, so when we are on vacation we seek them out, but unfortunately we don’t have much time to spend at each and the weather isn’t always perfect. It is our pleasure, it is always good for us to relive and share older photos.


    • They are. Dit is baie interesant, daar is soms ‘n bordjie wat waarsku hoe gevaarlik die rotse is. Ons mis die see en veral veral golwe wat klots teen die rotse, hulle is meestal op natuur-skone plekke. Dit is vreemd, ek kan nie onthou of ons ooit ‘n lugtoring besoek het toe ons in S.A. gebly het nie.


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