Wells, B.C.


We boon-docked near Wells, British Columbia, Canada for a few days. We had great fish and chips at Big H’s Fish and Chips and delicious fresh-baked Pizza and fresh home-made bread from The Bread-peddler. The staff at the Wells visitor information center were very helpful and had a big selection of brochures, maps, etc. They also sell discounted Barkerville tickets.


“The area around Wells actually had two gold rushes.  The first created Barkerville while the second, in the 1930’s created Wells.  The town was originally a company townsite for the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mine and reached it’s largest population size of over 4000 in the 1940s.  The town takes pride in its history and many of the unique heritage buildings have been preserved and restored.”- Wells,


The Sunset Theatre

“Located in Wells BC, Canada, the Sunset Theatre opened in December of 1934. It was originally built to entertain the gold miners of nearby Barkerville. In its hey-day the Sunset Theatre played host to movies, live performances and town hall meetings. In not so fortunate times it has been a gambling hall, and some say even a morgue.” – Cinema treasures


If you are planning to stay in Wells for a few days, it is wise to stock up on supplies, although they sell gas, milk, eggs, bread, etc. in Wells, supplies are limited and more expensive. There is no cell phone coverage, just land-lines. 


The Wells Hotel, established in 1933

When the Cariboo Gold Quartz mine opened early in 1933, a survey of the townsite of Wells was done by Major E.J. Gook. The first two lots, on the corner of Pooley Street and Sanders Avenue, were sold to entrepreneur Paddy Macdonell who commenced to build the Wells Hotel on the site.” – The Wells Hotel


The Wells Hotel


The Wells Community Hall built for the community when the population numbered in the thousands.

dsc_7062Horsefly, British Columbia


Horsefly, British Columbia



We drove to Bowron lake Provincial park from Wells and were very impressed with the campground.


“Bowron Lake Park is a large wilderness area situated on the western slopes of the Cariboo Mountain Range. The world-renowned Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit encompasses a 116 km chain of lakes, waterways and connecting portages. This wilderness canoe trip takes from 6 to 10 days to complete, depending on your time frame and skill level. For those looking for a shorter trip, the west side of the circuit can be paddled in 2 to 4 days. It is recommended that those who attempt the circuit have some wilderness canoeing experience.- Bowron lake Provincial park



We left our camper boondocked and took the truck on the Back Road to Barkerville, which links Wells, Barkerville and Likely, B.C. on a rainy day. Please click here for the map.

“Back Road to Barkerville” Which is the wilderness portion of the Williams Lake and Wells/Barkerville Circle Tour. A gravel road accessible by trucks, campers and trailers. This route is fast becoming a popular scenic trip, as you travel though sub-alpine meadows and thundering waterfalls. All surrounded by snow covered mountain ridges. The Residents of Likely invite you to explore Likely’s wonders and experience the area’s ghost towns, historic sites, and an abundance of wildlife and pristine wilderness adventures. Likely


Caribou River, B.C. on the Back Road to Barkerville.


Matthew River Falls near Ghost Lake on the Back Road to Barkerville, there is a campsite, where you can hear the roaring falls, but access to the falls is from right behind one of the campsites near the parking lot.


Stop sign in the river at Likely, B.C. which apparently is a prank.

“Likely is situated on Quesnel Lake, the deepest fjord type lake in North America and the only inland temperate rain forest in the World which gives this area it’s unique climate. It is a small rural community in the foothills of the Cariboo District. Likely is best known for being on the Gold Rush Trail. It played a significant role in the Cariboo Gold Rush of 1859 when rough-edged boom towns like Quesnel Forks, Cedar City and Keithley Creek had overnight populations in the thousands, predating Barkerville.” – Likely

There is a beautiful campground in Likely, B.C. the Cedar Point Provincial park.
Cedar Point Park is situated on Quesnel Lake, six km from the town of Likely. Old growth cedars are located throughout the park including the campground area.” Cedar Point Provincial park.

We filled up with gas, bought some goods in Likely and visited Quesnel Forks, (photos and information coming soon ) before heading back home again in the rain. Even though we saw other campers and there are campgrounds on the back road, we were glad that we had left the camper near Wells and had a 4 x 4, as the road was very slippery by then.

Top 5 reasons to visit Wells in winter

More coming soon.



Vacation 2014


  1. Great collection of photos, Tok.

    Love the color of that top building, the old rusted truck, and the STOP sign in the middle of the raging rapids ~ let’s hope it was a prank, and not a flood, that left it adrift. .

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked them. We were fortunate that we visited Wells in the week, as their were very few parked cars. I think I read in a pamphlet that it was a prank, but I couldn’t confirm it on the internet.


  2. Thanks for taking us on the journey with you. Did Charles have any luck with the gold panning? Crazy to think all those people used to be there and then, poof, gone. Only a few broken trucks & rusted trucks to show they were here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for coming along.
      Not even a little fish in the pan 😉
      It sure makes one realize how difficult it was, to travel great distances, where the were hardly any roads. Apparently the area gets a lot of snowfall as well as cold weather in winter.


    • I wonder what color the buildings were painted originally, as most had a fresh coat of paint.
      I suppose I could have found out more about the hotel by going inside, but then I would probably still be there 😉 The people are so friendly, one has to allow a few extra minutes just for chatting.
      It’s nice to know which you enjoyed, especially since we had a great job keeping the cameras dry. One day I tried to keep my camera covered with a piece of clothing and it got quite wet.


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