Random camping

DSC_6745Wildflowers in the Bear-berry hills on the way to Limestone Mountain.
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DSCN3128We went random camping near Limestone Mountain in Alberta during the Heritage Day long weekend again. Hubby wanted to park even closer to the edge.

DSC_6746As we expected, there many other campers, most were gathered in large groups, I think the children had a ball.

DSCN3127Watch out for the potholes!
Off highway vehicles are not allowed on the gravel road, so most ride along the side of the road.

DSC_6762As we expected rain, we put up our tarp first. We like to put our tarp far from our camper if possible, as it is safer because of the fire, closer to the water and we feel more like we are camping.

DSCN3143We were so lucky to have such a secluded campsite.
The tarp is also great for the sun when it’s hot.

DSCN3147Our campsite from across the creek. We enjoyed the weekend so much, we didn’t want to go home.

DSCN3155Corn on the cob, homemade Boerewors (South African sausage) and Pork chops.
We can adjust the height of the grill with the reinforcing bars.

DSC_6776We made some scones in a cast iron biscuit pan, which we covered with another cast iron pan on the open fire. I used the “Cook and Enjoy‘ by S.J.A. de Villiers‘ Recipe. (“Kook en Geniet” deur S.J.A. de Villiers se Witbotterbroodjies.) Please see the next photo.

DSC_6777We turned them over about halfway and served them with grated cheese, butter and chutney. The cast Iron skillet in which we made the scones, is a Lodge Logic® Cast-Iron Drop Biscuit Pan which is available from Bass Pro.

DSC_6761Cattle across the creek.

DSC_6778The one day we had a huge thunderstorm, with scary thunder and lighting, the rain came down in buckets.

DSCN3171Steak and roasted vegetables like onions, Bell Pepper, mushrooms, carrots, etc.


Limestone Mountain


  1. Sisi it looks fantastic. Perfect camping, outdoors but with everything you could need from indoors. Your food looks fantastic. Those scones must have tasted great with cheese & chutney. Your boerwors makes me drool. So long since I had any. What special memories, XXXC

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    • It was, we didn’t want to go home, we are looking forward to camping for longer. The cast iron cookware is heavy and takes up space, but we have found they work the best. We eat well, hubby has been baking rusks at home, which we take with and have with our morning coffee, then we only make brunch and dinner. It is the second time we made scones while camping, the recipe is very geduldig 😉 Hubby bought casings and meat yesterday, we are making Boerie this weekend. Don’t you have a SA shop?


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