My Mother.

Miriam Blackie (1934-2006)
Circa 1959

My mother’s nickname was Mirrie, but we called her Mammie.


These are some of the scrapbook layouts I have made so far featuring my mother. Please click on photos for information and more photos.

Mom’s childhood page 1.

Mom’s childhood page 2

Mom’s childhood page 3

Mom’s childhood page 4

Mom’s childhood page 5

Mom’s schooldays 1.

Mom’s schooldays 2

Mom’s schooldays 3.

My Parent’s Wedding 1

My Parent’s Wedding 2

My Parent’s Wedding 3

swimsuits 2


Miriam Page 1.

Miriam Page 2.

Miriam page 3.

Home cooking.

Bathing Beauties.
Page 1.

Bathing Beauties.
Page 2.

Page 1.

Page 2.

My mother was very musical, she played the piano, organ and sang beautifully. Here she is conducting a choir.


My mother was a self-taught artist, She painted under the name Mirra. I am fortunate to have a few of my mother’s paintings and photos of most. Here are some of her paintings.

“Pansies” (Gesiggies)

One of my favorite toys as a child were Paper dolls. My mother made my first paper-dolls, I remember they were very beautiful, but unfortunately they didn’t last long.

Some of mom’s jewelry, I think she liked purple.

Happy mother’s day Mom.


    • I am very fortunate. I like it as well, which got me thinking, it is a pity I don’t have any photos of her playing piano, but I found a photo of my mom sitting at the piano 😉 I’m scanning it now. I did an old Sidey challenge about Paper dolls and I didn’t think to add the video for “Paper Doll” ♬ ♭ ♮ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♯


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