Frozen Ghost

A few of us went to the Ghost River wilderness area on a lovely 8 degrees Celsius sunny day.
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We have been there a few times before in the summer and in winter.
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Who can resist seeing places with names like Malignant Mushroom, Good Bad Ugly, Hydrophobia,  The Sorcerer and Wicked Wanda ?
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The Ghost River area is one of the world’s finest ice climbing destinations. 
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Nikon Coolpix PS100 ©

Nikon Coolpix PS100 ©

Nikon Coolpix PS100 ©

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A close up of the above photo.
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Devil’s gap area, near Banff, Alberta, Canada.
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The Ghost River bed. Nikon Coolpix PS100 ©

Inukshuk in the snow Nikon D70 ©

Abandoned Camper in the snow. Nikon D70 ©

A trailer stuck in the snow.
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Here is a map of the area

This area consists of rugged mountain terrain & glacier-carved valleys; Aylmer, Apparition, Oliver & Costigan mountains reach elevations of 2743 to 3353 metres; below 2100 metres there are subalpine forests of Engelmann & white spruce, fir & lodgepole pine; above 2100 metres are grasses, sedges & wildflowers; many rare species of butterflies; wildlife includes bighorn sheep, deer, moose, mountain lions, bears & wolves; travel is by foot only; hunting & fishing are prohibited.” – Travel Alberta Canada – Trip Planner

A Banff National Park Permit is required past this point.

Blackrock area map in Ghost-Waiparous from Eric and Lucie’s website. Please click on thumb-nails.

Hikes-ice-climbs in the area.

Valley of the Birds, North Ghost Ice Climbs

Hydrophobia and Sorcerer from Gravsports

The Sorcerer (Slide Show) from

Blackrock area map on Eric and Lucie’s website

Ice Climbing in the Ghost from Eric and Lucie’s website

Hydrophobia from Eric and Lucie’s website

North Ghost, AlbertaThis House of Sky– Phantom Falls– The Sorcerer– The Eagle

South Ghost, Alberta– Aquarius– Wicked Wanda– Rainbow Serpent– Malignant Mushroom– Lacy Gibbet

Devil’s Gap

Hoodoo Hall – The Ghost – Hiking Alberta –
Hiking With Barry – Wilderness Adventure

The Devil’s Head Alberta-Das Lorne Blog


    • I’m glad you liked it. We are very fortunate.
      When we lived in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland, there was mountain called Grayman’s Beard. Sometimes also called Graham’s Beard, is a large outcrop of rock overlooking the United Church in Portugal Cove. This attraction got its name because of its appearance in the winter. As water drips down the face of the rock, it forms a cluster of large icicles, which to some, looks like a man with a heavy beard. The top of this 500-foot hill provides a breathtaking view of Portugal Cove and Conception Bay, both in the day and the night.


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