U.S.A. Trip ’13 Conclusion

After we left Goodell Creek state park, we drove back East through Trail’s end , Washington State, U.S.A.


Me driving our rig.

We camped one night at Lake Gillette Campground, Colville National park. The camp hosts were very friendly and helpful, the firewood was cheap, it was quite except for the squirrels who had a hiffy fit.  We  saw a doe and her fawn. We paid $18 p.n.

“Camping sites are nice and spacious and close to facilities. Some are very private and others closer together, some have a view of the lake. Day use for trails and beach area are nice with picnic areas and lots of parking. Access to Rufus Trail #148 is near this campground. An amphitheatre is also close and can be reached by one of the many trails. This is a great family campground with plenty of things to do.” – Lake Gillette Campground

We camped two nights at East Sullivan Lake Campground, near Metaline Falls, Washington, USA. We got in at the start of the Labor Day weekend, so the campground was full. There were clean washrooms, a fire pit, fresh water, a table, etc. The campground is situated in a forest, with a beautiful lake within walking distance, for $ 16 p.n., first come first serve and self-registration. We did our shopping in Metaline Falls.

“This campground is located on the north end of beautiful Sullivan Lake and offers many recreational opportunities. Campsites are suitable for both tent and RV camping.” – East Sullivan Lake Campground

We had a nice big campsite, but there was a gap behind which the garbage cans stood, which we hid with a camouflage net.  See next photo.

Front of Bear proof garbage cans, can you see the net and our campsite behind? We also use the net to cover our stuff in the back of our truck when traveling.

They also have Bear-proof food containers.

Sullivan Lake was a short walk from our campsite.

The dogs had a well deserved swim at a nearby river.

Nuvu Showhouse (founded in the 1940’s) in Metaline Falls, Washington, USA.

Goodell Creek state park


  1. More lovely bits of water just begging to have floaty thingies on them!
    Squirrels disturbing the quiet with hissy fits must be quite a thing to hear! Was something disturbing them, I wonder? Maybe a big owl.


    • Some children were quite inventful, they floated on logs that were in the lake.
      I don’t know, maybe the dogs or us.
      We have gone camping in Alberta, where the squirrels bombarded the caravan’s roof with acorns, the first time that happened I was alone and didn’t know what was going on. 🙂


    • It was! I’m glad, I was worried that they all just looked the same 😉
      it’s a good thing I kept a journal and the photos have dates, because once we got home I still got confused.
      We tried to reward them every day, because they were so good.


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