Pacific Beach State Park.

After we left Ohanapecosh, we drove to Washington State’s west coast.

Beach access for vehicles near Pacific beach State Park, Washington. No Overnight camping allowed.

Beach access for vehicles near Pacific beach State Park, Washington. No overnight camping allowed.

“The Pacific Coast, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Puget Sound, and large lakes are at risk from tsunamis, trains of waves that threaten people and property along shorelines. Sudden raising or lowering of the earth’s crust during earthquakes generally causes a tsunami, although landslides and underwater volcanic eruptions also can generate them. Movements of the sea floor or lake bed, or rock fall into an enclosed body of water, displace the water column, setting off a series of waves that radiate outward like pond ripples.” – Read more at Emergency Management Division

We camped one night at Pacific Beach State Park, near Aberdeen on the Washington State west coast. We had electricity, sani-dump, no fire pit, hot showers, helpful staff; the campground is walking distance from a beautiful sandy beach and lagoon. It was much cooler, even though there was no shade. This campsite is very popular, I suggest that you reserve, even during the week. We paid $35 per day. Shower tokens can be bought at the office where you register. There are beautiful beaches with access close by. There are small shops in Pacific Beach.

Pacific Beach State Park as seen from the beach. All photos Nikon D70 ©

“Pacific Beach State Park is a 10-acre camping park with 2,300 feet of ocean shoreline. The beach provides a variety of wonders, from dramatic surf to beachcombing.”- Pacific Beach State Park

Our campsite, please click on photos for larger images. Nikon D70 ©

Pacific Beach State Park

Pacific Beach State Park.

More of our U.S.A. Road trip 2013 coming soon.

Mount St. Helens.


  1. Beach park – sounds exotic in my eyes. The second photo from the top has terrific clouds. I love also very much sunset photo. To see so distant landscape is a great joy for me. Thank You for this post.


    • It has been years since we drove on a beach like that. We were very fortunate to have great weather during our trip. We enjoy your distant landscapes very much as well.
      Our pleasure, glad you enjoyed them.


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