We camped for five days at Ohanapecosh Campground, which is in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State. U.S.A. during our U.S.A. Road trip 2013

The campground has self-registration, you can choose an empty, not reserved spot and pay at a machine. There is no cellphone reception in the area. Campsites are not suitable for large RV’ S or large campers.

The campground is in a beautiful natural forest, it is very quiet, with a large camping space, there is a fire pit, table, toilets, fresh water and firewood for sale. Campsites are within walking distance from a river with a lovely swimming-hole. We did our shopping at small nearby towns like Norton and Packwood.

While we were there, we visited Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens .

Our hammocks between the trees. You can read more about our hammocks here.

View from my Hammock. Nikon D70 ©

“Ohanapecosh Campground, on the southeast side of Mount Rainier National Park, is surrounded by old growth forest and crossed by an exceptionally beautiful snow-fed river. Close to Ohanapecosh are popular hikes to Silver Falls and the Grove of the Patriarchs.”Recreation.gov

Our “Potjie” (Afrikaans for a three-legged iron pot used for cooking over a wood fire) is a number 1/2, which is ideal for warming up a bit of sauce and enough “Pap” for the two of us. The Cast-Iron Lid Lifter is by Lodge Logic®

The table from above. Please click on images for larger photos Nikon D70 ©

Potjiekos” (literally meaning pot-food) has been part of South Africa’s culture for many centuries. When the first Dutch settlers arrived in the Cape, they brought with them their ways of cooking food in heavy cast iron pots, which hung from the kitchen hearth above the fire.”

First we fry the onions in butter.

Then we remove most of the onions and then add the meat. Here we used Beef Rib.

 We then return the onions and add the vegetables, like carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, cabbage, etc.

Please click on thumb-nails for larger images.

The grill of the fire-pit can open. Nikon D70 ©

There were Bear proof food bins.

More of our U.S.A. Road trip 2013 coming soon.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State. U.S.A.


    • It is ! We just made it, it is a large space, but the parking area isn’t. We are so glad we didn’t get a bigger camper, as it is we would have gone smaller but for the dogs.


  1. Gorgeous photos from Your camp and national park. National parks present nature at their best. Bear proof food bins, we do not have them here – no need. We made road trip to the North of the Arctic Circle. Mainly we walked and hiked finding some interesting things. Photos and travel diary available in next january.


    • I’m so glad you liked them. Although we didn’t see any bears on this trip, we have seen quite a few bears and I wouldn’t like to argue with them.
      That must have been wonderful, I am looking forward to that.


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