Camping USA 2013

After we left North Dickey Lake, Montana, U.S.A. we camped for one night at Cabin City Campground, Lolo, Montana, U.S.A. Please click on photos for larger images. Nikon ©

The campground has self-registration and operates on a first come, first served policy, unless occupied or reserved. Ray the campground host was very friendly, interesting  and helpful; there was fresh water and firewood. The campground was very quiet, as it is far from the main road. The fee was $7 per night.

As it was still sunny and very hot, we drove to a nearby river, for the dogs to cool off. They were very tired afterwards. We have a few milk-crates, in which we store things while traveling, they make a handy step-stool and coffee-tables. Nikon ©

We tossed mushrooms, onions, Bell Peppers, tomatoes, baby carrots, etc. in olive oil, herbs and spices, then grilled them on stainless steal grill, which we sprayed with cooking spray before grilling them over an open fire. Nikon ©

My hammock is 11 foot long and 7 1/2 foot wide, so that I can lay across it. Read here about the hammock angle. Hubby made our hammocks from taffeta material (banquet table cloths.) Sourced from

Sleeping in a hammock guide

View from my hammock, Cabin City Campground, Lolo, Montana, U.S.A. Nikon ©

That night we slept in our hammocks, under thousands of stars. You can see a solar light at the bottom of the tree on the left, on the rig line (rope) above the hammock we hang a flashlight, bear-spray, a knife, etc. The dogs loved it as it was very hot. Nikon ©

It is now an hour earlier. Nikon ©

We camped for one night at Farragut State Park, Idaho, U.S.A. We had partial hook up for $30 per night, a pull through site, registration is at the office, one can pay by Visa as well and there is a dump station.

Farragut State Park, Idaho, U.S.A. is a very popular place, which was quite full, even during the week, we found it clean, with a large camping area, hot clean showers, firewood for sale, between the trees, but one has to drive to the lake.

Next: Washington State, U.S.A. and more of our  U.S.A. Road trip 2013 coming soon.

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North Dickey Lake, Montana, U.S.A.

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2 Responses to Camping USA 2013

  1. colonialist says:

    Nice and woody. I’ve never adapted to sleeping in a swing. You need a bear spray when you carry your own portable wolf pack?


    • Tokeloshe says:

      Just like we like it 😉
      The hammocks are so big that you can sleep at an angle, so that you can sleep on your side as well.
      It’s just in case we are surrounded.


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