Heritage Day Long Weekend

A group of us went random camping near Limestone Mountain near Sundre, Alberta during the Heritage Day Long Weekend. Although it rained quite a bit, we had nice breaks.

We built stone sculptures in the creek. Don’t you think that mine looks like a surfer? All photos Nikon D70 ©

Look at my leg.

View from our camper. Although there were many campers and quads, the area is relatively unspoilt and besides a few individuals with noisy quads and generators, the evenings especially were very peaceful.

As usual we put up a large tarp and covered the firewood from the rain.

Hubby’s Potjie-kos hanging on a chain from a tripod over our fire-pit.

Some of the ingredients used were beef, olive oil, onions, cabbage, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, stock, herbs spices, garlic, etc. We served it with Sour dough Bread.

potjie (ˈpɔɪkiː)

— n

South African ) a three-legged iron pot used for cooking over a wood fire.


“Potjiekos” ( literally meaning pot-food) has been part of South Africa’s culture for many centuries. When the first Dutch settlers arrived in the Cape, they brought with them their ways of cooking food in heavy cast iron pots, which hung from the kitchen hearth above the fire.” South Africa Tours

“Random camping is camping on public lands that are open to the public but do not have any recreational or campground improvements – roughing it, so to speak. The advantages are many. In a day when campgrounds look and sound like parking lots, random camping allows the bicycle tourer to have a peaceful and quiet evening and night after a day of riding. Random camping allows you to experience the natural world in a manner that is often precluded in developed campgrounds. And random camping is free. ” – Bike forums

The creek near our camper.

The dogs didn’t mind the cold water.

I made some scones in a cast iron muffin pan, which I covered with a cast iron lid on the open fire. I used the “Cook and Enjoy‘ by S.J.A. de Villiers‘ Recipe. (“Kook en Geniet deur S.J.A. de Villiers se Witbotterbroodjies.)
Please see Edit at the bottom of the page.

We turned them over about halfway and served them with grated cheese, butter and chutney.

For breakfast we made Jaffles in Camp Fire Irons with left over Potjie.

Do you have any camping recipes or hints, I would love to hear from you ?

Places where we have camped

Camping Recipes


Edit:  The cast Iron skillet in which we made the scones, is a Lodge Logic® Cast-Iron Drop Biscuit Pan which is available from Bass Pro.
It was the first time that we used it, but I think it has more uses.
The “Potjie” is a number 4 and served 8 people with lots of leftovers.
The Tripod Campfire Grill and Pie Irons are also available from Bass Pro.



  1. Wonderful post and so interesting photos. Photos from stone sculptures are my favorites. To see landscape there and knowing them here is interesting. In some photos landscapes are like here in Finland including trees. Thank You for this lovely post.


    • I’m so glad you liked it 😉
      We often find Inukshuks (stone landmark or cairn built by humans) in Canada, they are fun to build.
      I think your photos of islands in Finland remind me of Canada as well.
      My pleasure.


  2. Totally, dude!!! Your rock tower looks like a surfer!

    Loved all the photos. What is that in the rack in the bottom photo? It looks amazing.


    • I’m so glad, thank you 😉

      It was a wonderful few days with old friends, even though the season has just started, we have already had one of our best camping trips in years.

      That’s great, I’m popping over there now,it sounds like fun. Camping rocks!
      Thank you for sharing.


  3. I love those stone sculptures. I often see them when I am out hiking. I love the outdoors but am not much of a camper. It is uncomfortable for my hips to sleep on the ground.


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