Our family Heirlooms

My Blog background and Header were made from this photo. Most of the photos and cards were handed down to me by my Father (Dad) and belonged to my Grandmother (My Ouma) (Grandmother’s cards). The brooch in the center belonged to My Mother in Law. I also got the old magazine from Mom. Nikon D300 ©

Grandmother’s cards

These are some of our Family Heirlooms, thank you Sidey, I have been meaning to do this for a while.

View from the side – Weekend Theme –Family Heirlooms.



1. A valued possession passed down in a family through succeeding generations.

2. An article of personal property included in an inherited estate.
3. A cultivar of a vegetable or fruit that is open-pollinated and is not grown widely for commercial purposes. An heirloom often exhibits a distinctive characteristic such as superior flavor or unusual coloration.
The Free Dictionary.
My Grandmother had an incredible memory and kept a lot of photos, documents, negatives and mementos, which my Dad passed onto me.  We also have many Memorabilia from my My Mother and My Father in Law.

The front of my father’s (Dad) Family Bible.

The first page of my father’s (Dad) Family Bible.
The Bible is in Dutch.

Bible of  My Father in Law.

Picture 113
I have a few of my Mother’s (Miriam) paintings and photos of most.

My Mother and My Father in Law‘s cutlery.
If that ladle could only talk. 

My Mother in law’s recipe book.

My Father in Law‘s harmonica collection in their original boxes.
Look at that little one in the front.

My Father in Law‘s pipes and straight razor.
He made the tobacco pouch.

My father’s (
Dad)  Stamps.

My father’s (Dad)  coins.

Some of my Mother’s (Miriamjewelry.

My Mother in law’s jewelry.

I hope that my scrapbook albums become family heirlooms someday.
Do you have any Family Heirlooms, I would love to her from you ?


    • We are fortunate, they do tell a lot about the people and the times they lived in.
      Unfortunately we had to leave some of the bigger things behind in South Africa.


  1. I guessed you’d come up tops with this theme!
    Love the harmonica collection – amazing to have kept the boxes in good order like that. I also have that tiny version – it is amazing how many tunes can be played on that one octave! That style of cutlery so reminds me of early days.


    • When I saw the theme, I just had to do it and the dust-bunnies had to wait 😉
      They are beautiful, I was surprised even the razor was still in it’s original box.
      They always ate with them, the knives were so sharp, I was to scared to eat with them.


  2. Your heirlooms are abundant and interesting as I assume are the stories of the people they once belonged to. Everybody’s got a story and if you put this all together and fill in the missing pieces and elaborate on this an that -your family story would be as rich and interesting as anyone’s. I enjoyed browsing over them. They are more than just curiosities, as your enthusiasm speaks to pride and love of family. Good ‘shtufffs’.


  3. What an absolutely beautiful and creative way to bring even more of ‘you’ into the blog for your readers, and carry your past forward into the present. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.


    • Rick, it is always good to see you 😉 I love these prompts that make you drop everything and go and take some photographs. The response is very inspiring,
      It was my pleasure.


  4. A wonderful collection of memorabilia.
    It’s sad that we have become such a throwaway society. I wonder what our off-spring will have in another two generations time to remind them of us?


  5. I’m glad you enjoyed them,Pseu. That is so true. It is so sad to find beautiful orphan memorabilia in second hand shops and thrift-stores.
    Thank you for your visit.


    • I’m, so glad, thanks. I’m sure there is someone who will appreciate them, for now we have photographed and documented them.
      What a beautiful collection! Thank you.
      Take care.


  6. Hi Toks. It’s been a while :). Just love your collection of heirlooms, they are particularly stunning – all of them. I real trip down memory lane for you and your children. I’m sure you’re enjoying your 2 angel boykies muchly. Hugs xx


    • Dinx! It is always good to see you 😉 I’m so glad, you have some wonderful heirloom crafts as well. We are, unfortunately they are living on the other side of Canada now, but not as far as your’s Thank goodness for Skype.


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