Scrapbooking while camping.

These are some of the scrapbooking projects I made while camping. These small embellishments are easy to make, when I have a little time and a small space to work in,  I will be using them in future layouts. It’s a good use of card-stock and patterned paper scraps. Please click on photos for larger image.

Rubber-stamped background. Please click on photos for larger image.
Hint: Apply Ink to large rubber-stamps with a Brayer.
I use a dry Sticky Lint Roller as a Brayer

These are some of the Supplies I used:
Brads, ink, letter stencils, grommets, clear 3d pop dots, butterfly shapes, circle stencil, circle punch large, circle punch small, corner rounder or nail clippers, ink, card-stock & patterned paper scraps,  etc.

Wooden Rubber-stamps
Stampin’ Up! Travels Abroad Retired Stamp Set.

TIME FLIES (91034) wood-mounted Inkadinkado. Rubber Stamp watch and butterflies

Handwritten Text background stamp by Inkadinkado.
Small: By Collage Artistry.

Half Sheet Clear Stamp-Journal Stamps from Jo-Ann

Victorian Angel by Cynthia Hart from Rubber stampede.

These are some of the Templates I used:

Mannequin Dressform Outline

Bird template from Partyblog

Christmas Angel from 0-5

Free text



Library cards and pockets from Creature comforts.


Paper Coin Envelopes 3 1/2″ x 2″ by Deena Perreault

Coin envelope template from House of Stirfry

Bingo card from Bingo card creator

Please note all templates are for personal use only. Please give credit.

I made the paper flowers using one large circle stencil, one large circle punch and one medium circle punch from rubber-stamped card-stock.  I divided the circles, cut slots, rounded the corners with a nail-clipper, inked and distressed the edges and attached them together with brads.

Scrapbooking outside while we are camping.

Scrapbooking inside our camper.One can do scrapbooking in a small space or away from home if you are well prepared. What I have experienced is that the lights inside are poor and the lights get warm to work under, so we replaced them with LED camper bulbs. My Fiskars guillotine paper trimmer is on the table as well as an empty tissue box holder, not shown in the photo, for scraps. Nikon D300 ©

I keep my most used tools on the table in a pencil-case. Small and larger Scissors, ruler, stapler, pencil, pencil eraser, craft knife, glue stick, ink-pads, pencil sharpener, mechanical pencils, tweezers, punches, rubber-stamps, Decorative Edge Scissors, eye makeup applicators, toothpicks, acid-free pen, nail-clipper,bone folder, etc. Photo Nikon D70 ©

I was dying to try out some new rubber-stamps, but I found that they dried out too quickly. Aren’t they beautiful ? I got them at a thrift-store for a bargain. I cover my work with wooden place mats, (blue stripes in photo) when I’m not at my table. I added more tools added to my pencil case, like emery boards, small tissues, protractor, etc.

Working outside in the fresh air in the shade. You want good natural light, but also shade. A comfortable chair and a good table. If the wind blows your paper can blow away or get dusty. 

Bear-spray on the table, just in case. 😉


I keep my pencil-case a file, card-stock, patterned paper, etc, in a Fiskars Hobby Holder Tote. Projects and paper are in 12″ x 12″ polypropylene scrapbook paper storage envelopes.


Most of my tools, embellishments, etc. are in a Plano 4-Drawer Tackle Box.


Some of the supplies in my toolbox at the moment are baby wipes in travel container, a small plastic cutting board,  Brown ink pad, black ink-pad, blue ink-pad, acrylic handle for clear stamps, Adhesive, mounting squares,  clear acrylic stamps,   make-up applicators, craft knife, pillbox containers for small embellishments, small hole punch, pencil sharpener, aquarelle colored pencils, etc. I also have a small guillotine (not in photo, but you can see it on the table.)


Small tubes of paint, alpha stamps, etc.


Although I can hang tools from the sides, I don’t as they catch on things.

rv.ashx-arrowI store my Fiskars Hobby Holder Tote under the counter (marked by an arrow) and my toolbox under the Dinette table when not in use. 

I also have a Plano Drawer 1374 Tackle Box, which I used first.

Organize Those Cropping Supplies at Snaps and snippets

Organize your stuff challenge at  My Love affair with the label maker

Front page of my Travel Scrapbook album. Traditional. 12″ x 12″. Nikon D70 ©

Journaling Spots


Time for crop
Translated with Google Translate.

Time for crop part two
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  1. Your scrapbooking while camping looks so relaxing! Between the mannequin form and the bingo, it so reminded me of my grandmother!


  2. I have to admit that scrapbooking is WAY down the list of things i would have considered feasible while camping! The secret is clearly in just how organised you are.


    • It takes some planning, my toolbox is stocked with mostly duplicate supplies, I try not to remove anything, now it’s much easier.


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