We dry-camped for three days at Sooke Potholes Campground again. As before we found the campground spotless and the staff very friendly and helpful. There are lovely pools to swim in especially on a hot day. The park is now managed by the TLC The Land Conservancy of British Columbia. Cold water taps are located at the campground. Pit toilets.  Toilet paper is provided.  The toilets are cleaned daily. There are no showers available. There are fire-pits and firewood for sale. 

Skokijan is a German Shepherd ©

Kris is a Belgian Sheepdog/German Shepherd cross. ©

Swimming in circles just for the fun of it at Sooke Potholes.

“Sooke Potholes Provincial Park provides access to the series of deep, polished rock pools and potholes carved naturally into the bedrock of the Sooke River. This area is a favourite day-use destination for many local and regional residents.

Glacial action during the last ice age 15,000 years ago is responsible for the formations, as the moving, melting ice packs stripped the surface area and carved a path deep into the natural bedrock. Huge boulders carried along by the rushing river became lodged, were swirled against the canyon walls and consequently carved out the potholes that can be seen today.

The water in this very popular park is beautifully clean and clear, providing a wonderful swimming and picnicking destination in the summer. The Sooke River is also an important coho and Chinook salmon spawning river, and opportunities exist for catch and release fishing. Sooke Potholes Provincial Park provides an ideal location to view the annual salmon spawning run.” – B.C. Parks

We visited Whiffin Spit Park in Sooke again. ©

spit or sandspit is a deposition landform found off coasts. At one end, spits connect to land, while at the far end they exist in open water.[1] A spit is a type of bar or beachthat develops where a re-entrant occurs, such as at cove’s headlands, by the process of longshore drift. Longshore drift (also called littoral drift) occurs due to waves meeting the beach at an oblique angle, and backwashing perpendicular to the shore, moving sediment down the beach in a zigzag pattern. Longshore drifting is complemented by longshore currents, which transport sediment through the water alongside the beach. These currents are set in motion by the same oblique angle of entering waves that causes littoral drift and transport sediment in a similar process.[2]” – Wikipedia

Whiffin Spit Park in Sooke ©

Driftwood Fort
Whiffin Spit Park in Sooke ©

Driftwood Fort inside
Whiffin Spit Park in Sooke ©


Kris swimming at the spit.

Skokijan at the Spit

Whiffin Spit Park in Sooke ©

Sooke is located on the south western tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It has a sheltered harbor, and is a scenic half hour drive from BC’s capital city Victoria. The Sooke region encompasses East Sooke and the District of Sooke, two communities which are joined across the Sooke Harbour and Basin. Sooke©

Ed Macgregor Park. ©

House near Ed Macgregor Park. ©

Sooke Harbour Boardwalk/ Ed Macgregor Park. ©

“From Ed Macgregor Park that hosts a number of festivals and events, take the zig-zagging boardwalk down to the harbour where you can follow the 1100 ft wooden boardwalk along the Sooke shoreline.” Sooke harbour marina

EditSooke Potholes Campground Closed for Overnight Camping this Summer

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  1. Toke, these are fabulous photos. I certainly admire the way you two (four!) move right into nature. You are a pair after my heart…your style, preparedness, and taste would have me camping again in a flash. I’m embarassed to say that you’ve pointed out a couple of places I have not visited – right in my neighbourhood!


    • I’m glad you liked them 😉
      We are enjoying it and are so glad we took it up again. It’s great to have the dogs along as well.
      Well, you have a big and wonderful neighborhood!


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