Camping with Dogs

Skokijan sleeping outside on our recent vacation.
Skokijan is a German Shepherd

Dogs Camping

Skokijan in our camper.

Kris in our camper with some of her Teddies.
Kris is a Belgian Sheepdog/German Shepherd cross.

Kris‘s Teddies.

Cooling off in the bushes. ©

Skokijan outside.

In the car. ©
More photos coming soon.

Have you gone camping with your dogs?

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  1. I must say, as one who is normally irritated by ads, I think that Subaru one is very clever.
    Love the concept of camping with pets as I used to do in days gone by (also a German Shepherd) and love the photos.


    • It was the first time that I saw it 😉
      We have been Boondocking since we came from vacation, they love it and we feel much safer with them around.
      German Shepherds are great.
      I’m glad you like it, thank you 😉


  2. There are many advantages, they don’t have to go in the kennels, they have a vacation and we don’t miss them. Although it helps that they are well trained. Would you believe they sleep in the camper and lie dead still when we climb over them?


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