Candid Camping


The tent…


The mattress.

c54b7059d7384c24a016c5cfe89c1f79Next: Our worst mishap 😉

Before: Plastic storage drawers on top of the bunk bed.
I actually secured a tension rod in front, not shown on the photo.

After: Plastic storage drawers on the floor.
You can see the tension rod at the back.


Full Time RV Living– Where Did All The Space Go?

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Image from Wild coast tholidays

Years ago we were camping in a tent at Coffee Bay, on the Transkei, South Africa coast. After listening to some scary stories around the fire one evening, we went to bed, it was a pitch dark night. The Cicadas (sonbesies) were making such a racket, I couldn’t hear anything, so I hardly slept a wink and I was very scared. The next day hubby said as long as they were singing, I didn’t have to worry, but it was when they stopped when that you could start worrying 😉

Our Land-Rover on a Zululand, South-Africa beach.
Circa 1998

We  once camped on the beach with some friends, I woke up early morning and listened to the waves crashing outside, I went outside our tent and the water was almost at our tent ! It was an equinox tide, we were cornered between the sea and dune behind. We packed up our tent and got into our vehicle.   Our friends were sleeping in theirs so we didn’t wake them up, but watched as the water washed around the tires. Everything turned out well in the end.

Do you have any candid camping photos or stories, I would love to hear from you?

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Nikon D70 ©
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Nikon D70 ©

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    • Wow, I can relate to that. I hope you weren’t hurt.
      As a child we camped in a caravan in East London, when the tent was up my dad went to the ablution blocks, the wind picked up the tent, mom clung to a pole and I had to go and call dad out from the men’s 😉


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