timeless2My Paternal Grandfather. Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit. (20.9.1894-1.10.1970) Subtitle: My Oupa Oupa is Afrikaans for Grandpa Scrap-booked May 2009 12″ x 12″

 Detail of page one There is more Journaling inside the File Clip-art: Watch Open Clipart.org Computer Font: Courier New

 Detail of page two with Collage tag Emphera label from Sassyarts Clip-art: Watch Open Clipart.org Matt Plaid Modge Podge and brown shoe polish.

Notes: The shoe polish darkened the clip-art and brought out the edges. I don’t know if I like the brush marks, which I didn’t see before. What do you think? In future I will use a sponge brush. I used Lab Hydrion pH Test paper to test the Kiwi  Shoe- polish and Modge Podge and they weren’t Acidic.

Planning on my magnetic board.


Pronunciation: \tim-l?s\

Function: adjective

Date: circa 1560

1archaic : premature , untimely

2 a: having no beginning or end : eternal b: not restricted to a particular time or date timeless themes of love, solitude, joy, and nature — Writer> 3: not affected by time : ageless

Sources:  Templates from: Mel’s Stampz

Mini Manila File Folder Template Mirkwood Designs

Mini File Folders Tutorial from Scrapfriends.us

Supplies and tools: Paper: K & Company Memory Stor, Bookplate, buttons, Photo corners stickers from “Kingstickers”, gold embossing powder, black photo anchors, gold colored string, brads, etc.

Photo from layout. My Paternal Grandfather. Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit. (20.9.1894-1.10.1970) Circa 1969 Digital copy of a photo in my father’s collection.

“Time” from “Legacy” Magazine Vol. 5. issue # 6 “One day at a time.”

Here is a wonderful tutorial at Mel’s Stampz of a pocket watch.

 My Ouma


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