Caroline, Alberta

We drove through Caroline, Alberta, Canada on our way to the mountains on a beautiful Spring day.
 We stopped at Caroline Wheels of Time Museum for a short rest.
Dodge Fargo fire engine Circa 1953.
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All photos Nikon D70 ©
Cat tracks.
My mother’s first washing machine looked like this.
Do you remember them?
It wasn’t connected and used to walk around while doing the washing.
Camping anyone ?

Cochrane Farmer’s Market

Cochrane Farmer’s Market

REO Speed Wagon

1956 Chevrolet
Busy Bee Tools,
Calgary, AB

Truck in Summer

Truck in winter

Truck in winter

Show and shine

Rides ‘n Rods
August  2008
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  1. Hello Linda Tok, I just love the photo of the washing machine… my Granny had one just like it, which was a complete fascination for me, as she lived in Germiston, Johannesburg and had electricity, and a telephone and a radio and this washing machine… which as you say danced on the floor and you could run the washing through the rollers to squeeze the water out. We lived in the bush in Botswana at the time… had no radio ~ I was six the first time I saw a radio, we had running water from a tank outside, which was heated by a wood fire, and electricity from a generator which got turned off in the evening, no later than about 10:00pm as it was noisy… I didn’t understand the telephone or why my Gran spoke to it when it rang. *Grin* But it was fun to help with the washing. 🙂 I love Fargo trucks and always, always wanted one… it’s been years since I saw any. and your photos are wonderful. Thanks so much Linda, ~*Huggs*~ Mands


    • Hi Mands 😉
      I’m so glad. Here are some more.
      I’m always surprised by the reactions to a post, thank you to your great answer!
      I’m so glad it prompted you to some journaling, they were noisy and very heavy. It was hard work and took a long time to do the laundry, it makes you appreciate the conveniences we have today.
      I am planning a retro layout which will include old washing machines, typewriters, toasters, sewing machines, cars, etc. from the 50’s and 60’s. The working title is “When Grandma was a little girl”. What do you think?
      Vintage cars and trucks fascinate me, it is great fun to take photographs of all the little details. It is very relaxing and a lot of fun. We often talk to the owners who are so proud and have some great stories to tell.
      We are fortunate Calgary has quite a few car shows, especially in summer and you can see some old abandoned vehicles along the roads.
      Here are some 50’s and 60′ pins

      I love Pinterest, I must make some board for the 70’s etc as well.
      I haven’t done a layout for a while, I have so many ideas, I must get my butt in gear 😉
      Have a wonderful weekend.
      Linda Tok


      • Hi Linda Tok… The first photo link is very interesting ~ the woman is very pretty, and I remember that washing machine of my Granny’s spilling water everywhere…. or maybe that was just me :)… and it was very hard work. I love your idea of an article called “When Grandma was a little girl” …and I think you would do a fabulous job. My Granny ~ my dad’s mom was born in 1900 and I wish that she had lived after I started journaling. I’ve developed this personal fascination for our parents and grand parents, and I wish they had kept journals. I’m trying to remember little bit here and there… so maybe if I have enough I’ll write about my Dad’s Mother. Sadly both my grandfather’s died in the same year… long before I was born. Oh wow, your 60s link brought back some memories… I had roller skates and pick-up sticks just like that… and that that Coppertone advert was one my Dad always teased me about… I was as brown as a berry and always running around in my undies. *Grin* An advert like that would cause such a hoopla today. *LOL* My eldest son (who is 23) and I were just talking yesterday about the last time we went to the drive-in… and I think it was even relatively modern… you could use those speaker thingies, or plug an adapter that you bought into your car radio and the sound would run through the car speakers. I don’t even know if we have Drive-In Movie places anymore… certainly not in Kwa-Zulu Natal…. *Smile* (BTW all the photos load for me ;o)) Thank-you for the wonderful chat Linda Tok… I have copied our comments to my journal, and will start researching my grandparents more actively. *Smile* Have a fabulous week-end, we are enjoying cold evenings and nights, however the days are a lovely warm 22° Celcius so we are hoping to go to the beach today. XoxoX Mands


        • Mands,

          One of the reasons I haven’t done scrapbooking for a while is that I have been researching our family history online, which has been very successful, not only supplying us with new information, which is very interesting, but more journaling as well. I am so glad most of my pages have pockets, as I can just add new information as it comes available.
          I think it is great to keep a journal, which I am sure your descendants will appreciate a lot one day.

          I haven’t been to a drive in in years, in winter it’s too cold here and in summer the sun sets too late. LOL But as a child we went a lot.
          Thank you for letting me know that the photo loads for you;-)
          Take care.


    • I’m glad 😉
      I’m sorry to hear that, it is strange as it is only 307KB.
      Does anybody else have the problem?
      We sure do and I’m so glad we can photograph and share them. 😉
      Take care.


  2. Beautiful Toks..that fire truck is the same age as me 🙂 Flipping old…..the one that wont load for me is the REO Speedwagon one….I can see to just below the top of the windscreen… sure it will eventually load. Hugs xxx


    • Maybe it has something to do with your background?? Its been brown all this time then just as I was about to leave the page it suddenly started loading your beautiful heirloom photograph background….slowly from the top xx


    • I’m glad you liked it 😉
      Thank you for you feedback, I must make my photos smaller, because they load fast for me I forget ;-(
      Hastige hondjie verbrand haar mondjie 😉


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