Friends had a few of us over for Lobster which came from Nova Scotia, Canada.

They were freshly packed.
They were cooked in two Turkey fryers.
All the photos were taken by hubby with a Nikon Coolpix P4
Please click on photos for larger images.
Besides delicious Lobster, we had Appetizers, Garlic butter, bread, Chick Pea salad and South African Brown Pudding (Bruin Poeding) for desert. 

The weather and company was wonderful.

How to cook Lobster

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Cooking a chicken in a Turkey fryer.
September 2008

A few of us got together at our house to deep fry Chicken in September 2008.  We have tried this before with a Turkey, which is the traditional way, but we decided to try Chicken instead. The Chicken was injected the previous evening with strong sauce and spices.

The fried chicken.

“Deep-fried turkey, a concept that started in the south, has risen in popularity nationwide. It’s a perfect twist for barbecues, block parties and holiday feasts.” – Eat Turkey

Warning: This can be very dangerous!

Eddie’s Flaming Buzzards.



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