My Truter Family Tree
Jan Andries Truter, SV/PROG (1695 – 1771)
was my  6th great grandfather on my father’s side.

My Great Grandmother (Chrissie)
Christina Philippina Margaretha Truter.
Restored and colorized.




“Johan Andreas TRUTER (also known as Jan Andries) was born in 1694. The name Truter originates from a German male Trudhari, – a mighty nation. He arrived in the Cape of Good Hope on 20 Sep 1722 as a soldier on board the VOC-yacht “Sleewijk”. This yacht, with a volume of 520 tons, departed from Hellevoetsluis on 13 May 1722 equipped by the Amsterdam Chamber. The yacht’s master was Claas Koster. The “Sleewijk” called at the Cape from 20 Sep 1722 to 23 Oct 1722. On 12 Oct 1722 Johann was admitted into hospital and after his recovery decided to stay at the Cape. He was a gardener 1723-5, soon his function at the Cape as ‘Baesthuynier’, where he was in charge of the VOC’s Local Garden in 1727. He was the Head Gardener from 1723 to 1725 and in this capacity on 6 May 1730 he addressed a report to the Governor of the Cape (Jan de la Fontaine) concerning the planting of the sand-dunes along Table Bay.”

He got maried on 7 March 1728 with Magaretha HASEWINKEL, she died in 1732.

Johan married again on 29 September 1732 with Maria KUIPERMAN she was born on 23 June 1715, en she died in 1755. They had 14 children.


b1 Johan Barend ~26.7.1733
b2 Daniel Barthlomeus ~23.01.1735
b3 Hendrik Andries ~13.01.1737 x 21.7.1761 Catharina Borgertz (~19.5.1737) xx 24.10.1762 Susanna Catharina Victor (~19.3.1741 d/v stamvader Wijnand Victor en Susanna Verdeau)
b4 Gerhardus Marthinus ~24.8.1738
b5 Andries Jacobus ~24.8.1738
b6 Maria Dorothea ~24.4.1740 x 8.12.1765 Adriaan De Nicker (~11.11.1742 s/v Francois De Nicker en Petronella van den Heever)
b7 Catharina Christina ~21.01.1742
b8 Carel Willem ~7.7.1743
b9 Aletta Carolina ~8.4.1746
b10 Petrus Johannes ~17.12.1747 +31.01.1825 x18.4.1773 Johanna Ernestina Blankenberg (~19.4.1750 d/v Johannes Hendricus Blankenberg en Anna Margaretha van der Heyden) xx 01.04.1814 Emernetia Hoebert (~21.9.1760 d/v stamvader Christiaan Lodewyk Hubert en Maria Sophia Steyn)
b11 Frederik Christoffel ~21.12.1749 x 08.04.1781 Johanna Elisabeth Russouw (~06.04.1760 d/v Abraham Russouw en Beatrix van der Westhuizen) xx Martha Rouusouw (~23.01.1746 d/v Daniel Russouw en Maria le Riche)
b12 Johanna Dorothea ~03.10.1751
b13 Anna Oeloffina ~29.04.1753 x15.1.1778
b14 Johannes Barend ~20.07.1755

He and his first wife had no children. His second wife Maria Cuypermann was the daughter of stamvader Johann Küpermann van Detmold and Catharina van der Heyde.

He went on pension in 1755. He died 19 November 1772.

Personal information from Margaret Truter
J Hoge, Personalia of the Germans at the Cape

Submited by:
Rina Kroes
AM van Rensburg


Sir Johannes Andries (John) Truter

“Sir John Truter
Permission was obtained from the Gouverner and the Church Council of Cape Town by SirJohn Truter, the first Chief Justice of the Cape and representative for the government in the Synod of the Church.

The foundation stone was laid on 24 March 1831 by Sir John Truter. The Governer, Sir Lowry Cole was present then and also at the opening on Sunday, 30 September the following year.” –

“Sir Johannes Andreas Truter
How the volume of the Codex that is now in the South African Museum came back to South Africa is not known, but in 1829 it was presented to the South African Literary Society by Sir Johannes Andreas Truter, the first Chief Justice of the Cape Colony. It is not known how Sir Johannes acquired the Codex, but it is of some interest that his grandfather, the first Truter to settle in South Africa, was a soldier who was later appointed head of the Company’s Garden at the Cape. In 1855 the South African Literary and Scientific Society, as it was then known, presented the Codex to the South African Museum shortly after the Museum was formally reconstituted under the direction of a Council. What became of the other two volumes is not known.”-

The first regular expedition to penetrate far inland was in 1801-1802, when John (afterwards Sir John) Truter, of the Cape judicial bench, and William Somervillean army physician. and afterwards husband of Mary Somervillewere sent to the Bechuana tribes to buy cattle. The London Missionary Society established stations in what is now Griqualand West in 1803, and in 1818 the station of Kuruman, in Bechuanaland proper, was founded. In the meantime MH.K. Lichtenstein (1804) and W. J. Burchell (1811-1812) –

SourceThe Truter Family/Die Truter Familie Facebook

SourceDie Truters Facebook

SourceTruter Family History and Genealogy

My Great Grandmother (Chrissie)
Christina Philippina Margaretha Truter


Our Family Tree


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  1. Your attention to detail and the effort that is behind this information just blows me away, Tok!!! I would love to research my family (goes back to Piet Retief) but I just don’t know where to begin, so I really admire you!!


    • There’s is a lot of information and resources on the internet.
      There are sites where you can search, save and build free family trees.
      Have a look at my Genealogy links.
      Wow Piet Retief! That should be great.
      The best is to start somewhere, start with what you know and while your family can help.
      Because I asked I found out a lot from my family that would have been lost to our descendants.
      It’s great fun!


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