A.C. van der walt 1JPG

A.C. van der walt 2JPG

A.C. van der walt 3Anna Catharina Van der Walt
(1.6.1906-April 1977) (Age 71)
My husband’s paternal Grandmother
Three pages 12″ x 12″
Created February 2012
Photos: Nikon D70 ©
Font: Courier New size 12

A.C. van der walt 4 Detail of letter using Inkssentials™ Crackle Accents™ by Ranger,

Detail of slide-frame


Detail of butterfly

Hit Parade USA 1930’s – TOP 10 – DanntaS

Supplies: Paper by K & Company Memory stor TM, Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress ink by Ranger, Inkssentials™ Crackle Accents™ by Ranger,Mod Podge® Mat, Gold Embossing powder, Heart shaped Gold coloredBrads, Die cut letters and shapes, Aleene’s Memory glue, paper flowers, double sided 3 D Pop Dots, Paper doilies, Photo corners, fibers, string, Acrylic paint, ink-pad, lace, Card-stock, etc.
Note: Check paper doilies for acidity.

Sources: Ephemera Vintage apothecary bottles free labels from Eat drink Chic (for personal use only)

Free 7 Vintage keys for Personal Use Only. Shery K designs


Do-It-Myself Lace Paper Envelope
We love laugh kiss

Tools: Corner punch, Craft and embossing heat gun (I use a heat gun and paint stripper), etc.

Scrapbooking/12 x 12

When Grandma was a little girl by: BearFamily

CJB her husband

Her son My Father in Law



  1. Linda Tok your Anna pages are wonderful… I especially like the “Laughing Anna” photo, she looks like someone who lived life, and enjoyed herself very much. I love the “A” with the hearts and flowers. I found some wonderful free flower downloads, just printed them and they are stunning, here is the link [ ] they are much easier to cut than I thought. When I saw your flower I thought you might enjoy the link. *Grin* Here they are made-up [ ]. I also downloaded the “Spring” backgrounds to print. *Smile* [ ]
    I love the butterfly and liked how you used the lace… I have a box of lace and braids (given to me from my dear mama) and never thought of using them like this at all… now they have purpose! I was wandering where you have been… and now I see you have been busy. *Smile* The pages are lovely Linda… I love how you use subtle colours and accents as to not overshadow the old black and white photos, Well done… Huge Huggs, Mands
    PS… the 1930’s hit parade is also a nice tough, 😉


    • Dear Mands,
      Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback!
      I love how you notice the little things 😉
      The photo will from now on be called Laughing Anna.
      Thank you for your lovely links.
      You are so lucky to have lace, braids, etc. with a history.
      I appreciate you feedback, this layout did take long, LOL I kept repositioning elements and over thinking it all.
      The YouTube videos are great fun.
      I am so looking forward to see what you have done, I hope you will be sharing soon.
      Have a wonderful scrappy week!


      • You inspired me Linda… I got stuck on printing and making up my August 2010 journal… and so haven’t made any since. *Sigh* However, I re-looked at it last week, did some layout and printed and put it together over the week-end. I’m also busy with September 2010… and I took some photos so will let you know when I have finished and posted on my blog. They are both just plain printed journals… however I did use lots of colour, and I’m inspired to get on and finish my 2010 journals so I can do 2011… and get current, so we can start adding scrap booking. Your last layout of Anna while I am sorting and organizing the sewing and paper paraphernalia gifted to me, has allowed me to look at the items through ‘new scrap booking eyes’ (*Gleeful Giggle*) and now I have endless potential at my fingertips. *Grin* Thank-you so much Linda… whilst I am still a bit intimidated by all this ‘stuff’ …I’m also enjoying all the creative ideas playing in my head. *Grin* Happy Huggs, Mands


        • That’s wonderful; I can’t wait to see what you have done 😉
          I still want to make a journal, have you seen the lovely altered ones on Pinterest?

          I have pinned some that I like here:

          I also collected a lot of stuff, before I took the plunge and started somewhere.
          I think collecting and organizing stuff and ideas is half the fun, but once I have the time to scrapbook, I am glad that everything is at hand. I don’t have to stop the creative flow to go shopping and if I don’t have something, I have to make a plan.

          I love that you are so excited, so many people have inspired me and I feel fortunate that I inspire others through Blogging my passion 😉

          Thank you for your great feedback, which is always appreciated.
          Happy Scrappin’!

          Big Hugs. Linda


  2. Tok – you are so talented! Wish you were near to show me how to do this, I have so many photos. I can see how much you loved your grandparents, this is such a lovely tribute to them. Thanks for all the lovely links! L


    • Thank you very much 😉
      It would be wonderful to work together, if you are patient, I work so slowly LOL.
      Thank you for you feedback, I sometimes wonder if all the information isn’t too boring.


  3. What a great tribute to Anna, Toke.
    Re your comment about wondering if this information is boring? If it is what you love to do – and everything you posts proves you DO! – that’s the important things. I am so far from a scrapper that you’d laugh at my thumbs if you saw me trying to do this. In fact, you’d probably have to take over in frustration.

    So I am quite amazed by what you do. My problem is that I think my comments must seem inane since I know so little about it. But let me assure you, Toke, that I look at the respect side of it. I don’t just see your results. I see the love you put into this. I imagine the profound joy these people would feel knowing someone cared so much to do this. I see a heart that is kind and gentle.


  4. I’m glad you like it 😉
    If we scrapped together, I will let you do all the journaling, which will be fantastic!
    You would be amazed, I actually work very slowly, the first paper I had to cut I fretted about until I eventually said to myself, it’s just paper, cut it and I did!
    I feel that way about your writing, I always think to myself, if only I could write like that.
    Thank you very much Amy, I always appreciate your feedback, more than you can ever think.
    Take care ♥


  5. I feel just like Amy described. Your work is just beautiful and because it is clearly a passion, it’s not boring at all. I love looking at it but I do feel sort of inadequate commenting on it since I know little about technique or materials.


    • Thank you Tammy 😉

      That’s one of the things I like about blogging, exploring other interests and learning new things.

      It is a passion and I am so fortunate to share it with Bloggers who rock!


  6. Gorgeously designed, as always. The family photos are fascinating. What a pity those early photographers didn’t believe in smiling subjects. Even the kids look as if they have been threatened with a hiding if they DARE to smile in the slightest!


    • Thank you very much, I’m glad you like it.

      I also find them very interesting. I suppose they had to behave if they were wearing their best clothes as well 😉


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