Family Photos

Family photos 1
One page 12 ‘ x12″
Scrapbooked November 2011
Nikon D70 ©

Family photos 2Front page of my Scrapbook.
Nikon D70 ©

Close up of paper flowers.
Nikon D70 ©

Close up.
Nikon D70 ©

Close up
Nikon D70 ©

Supplies, tools, sources, techniques, templates, etc.:Please click for more
“Forever in time” Elegant paper, sequins, Rhinestone border sticker from Crafts, button, Eyeshadow applicators, Black ink, Pop Dots, Small scissors, Craft Knife, black cardstock, white cardstock, Paper Butterfly shapes, etc.
Partition joyeux anniversaire Music score from
LD Music font from FF Fonts
Music paper from

Paper flower tutorial from Such a pretty mess.
For personal use only.
Please give credit.

Journaling Spot

Secret Garden
by Stacy Cohen
Stacy Cohen

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  1. Wow, who wants to go to never, never land or down a rabbit hole… the next holiday booking I make will be into your scrapbooks, Linda Tok!
    They are so stunning… what an amazing legacy you are creating… you inspire me. Jess writes her last exam on the 25th November (home schooling does have it’s benefits 🙂 ) and then we are going to play creatively for two months… some of that time will be dedicated to browsing your blog.. (I hope my budget can expand enough, *Grin*) Thank-you so much for sharing, you do incredible work and make it look like such playful creativity. Have fabulous day, *Mwah* Mands


    • That’s wonderful to hear !
      Thank you very much 😉 I’m so glad. I think it would be great for a mother and daughter to have fun together. I hope you will share. My costs are quite low, I buy most of my stuff at Dollar-stores, Thrift-stores, etc. I also see it as a challenge to try and make as much as possible from scratch. There are wonderful free sources on the internet.
      I really do appreciate your positive feedback and I’m so glad that I inspire you, it’s great to have a scrapbook buddy as well as a blog buddy.


  2. Your work is so ornate and simply beautiful. I have created my 3 photo books on all the genealogy things. Not nearly as creative as you but when they send them to me in 5 days I will photograph some pages for you!!! I have for 3 of my sisters. The original was a scrapbook I sent to the 4th sister!!


  3. Thank you very much, your feedback is much appreciated 😉
    That’s wonderful, I’m so looking forward to that.
    I’m sure you sisters will be thrilled.


  4. I’m absolutely in love with the flowers Toke. I think they are not only Gorgeous but also extremely classy. And of course the D 70 is one camera i’ve always loved using 🙂

    I got some ribbons that I want to put to use. Any tutorial for me?

    Loads a love


    • I’m so glad you like them 😉
      It sure helps to have a good camera.
      I love ribbons, you can attach them to scrapbook layouts with brads, eyelets, stitching, staples, buttons, pop dots, adhesive, tie them to tags, tie them to album rings and they make lovely bows as well.
      I don’t have a tutorial, but you might get some ideas here:

      Enjoy 😉


  5. You talented woman, Toke. I am impossible with my hands. It’s getting worse because, like my mother, I am losing some feeling in my fingertips. Maddening! I really like your flowers, too. The woman in the video impresses me to no end. She makes it look so easy.


    • Thank you 😉
      I am so sorry to hear that.
      I’m so glad. The video was a great help, I am so lucky to have all these wonderful tutorials, she is good.


  6. Fascinating to see those flowers being constructed. Those little tricks make them look completely real. Quite a lot of effort, but that’s what it takes to have stunning albums like yours.


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