Sewing 1

Sewing 2Two Pages 12″ x 12″
Scrapbooked October 2011
Nikon D300 ©

Shabby Chick style:
“Shabby Chic style is characterized by such colors as pastel pinks, muted greens, and washed gray or neutral tones combined with dark contrasting colors. Think vintage, well-worn, peeling, and well-loved. Think comfort. Shabby chic is not intimidating – it is warm, cozy and inviting.” – Sarah Horton

Nikon D300 ©

Nikon D300 ©

Nikon D300 ©

Patterned Paper from “Forever in time”

Supplies, tools, etc. Please click for more.
Issue No. Rubber-stamp by Stampin’ Up!, Buttons, Embroidery floss, Eyelets, pop dots, tape measure, chipboard letters from “Forever in time”, Bindis, sequins, brads, ribbon, chipboard butterflies from “Forever in time”, Nail-clipper (Corner rounder), Emory Board (Distressing), paint, letter stencil, chip-board, etc.

Sources: Please click for more.

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Needle Packets from Seesaw, Button Card from The Graphic’s fairy, Inspiration for Spool card by Erin Lincoln, Vintage Fashions from Intimate Weddings, inspiration for button cards Button Cards and Many more from Art Deco, Vintage Thread labels from Just something I made, Vintage patterns from My little sewing Room, Ribbon Card template from Sarah Denormandie, Music score from Mesanniv,etc.

For Personal use only. Please give credit where credit is due.
Techniques: How to set Eyelets Tutorial
How to Attach a Brad Tutorial

Photo from layout
February 1994

I did quite a bit of sewing in the 1980’s. I was doing keep fit at the time and the Leotards were quite expensive, so I learned how to make them for much less instead. I also made track suits, T shirts, camisoles, Bermudas, cushion covers, curtains, costumes for my son, etc. A neighbor sewed very well so for my sister’s wedding in February 1994 she taught me how to make the suit I wore. I bought the material, pattern and sewed a hidden zip, covered the buttons and even covered a hanger from the left over material.

Sewing from the book Supply Savvy

“Sewing” from the book Supply Savvy

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Graphics: Bonnet Girl Vector shape from Sissy Wood’s Place this is the link I had before Geocities closed, but I found a link for Sissy’s Place.



  1. Hi Tokel… I went for the first lesson of the “Beginners Quilting Class” that I was gifted with… haven’t sewn anything for 20 years so it was a bit daunting… it’s kinda coming back to me! *Grin* I was a bit slow so have ‘homework’ ~ LOL… and my lounge looks like a whirlwind of material went through it, as I scrounged through plastic containers and left the debris to be dealt with later – today is later… now I have to clean it up, and hopefully do so blogging. 🙂 Tok, I love the way you take what may have been an ordinary photo (of course it is probably very significant for you) and “frame it” so amazingly well with artful creativity enhancing the memory! Love it!
    Always a pleasure ~ Mands


    • That’s wonderful! I hope you will share your process as well 😉 I haven’t sewn for a long time as well.
      It’s a pity that it was the best photo I had of me wearing the outfit, but one must use the blah photos as well.
      Thank you very much, I’m glad you liked it 😉
      Take care,


  2. This post brings back lots of memories for me. I grew up in a sewing home and don’t do a bit of it now. I wish I did though as I loved picking out fabrics and patterns.


    • That’s great!
      My mom also sewed, but I don’t anymore.
      That’s what’s one which is great about scrap-booking, co-coordinating paper 😉


  3. I loved sewing because I could change patterns and add differences I wanted. When I got into my career, I dropped sewing except to mend and repair.

    You looked superb in your dress, Toke. It’s easy to see you loved wearing it!


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