La Manche Falls Trail

We hiked to La Manche falls during our recent trip to Newfoundland. We have done this hike a few times before, when we lived in Newfoundland, but we had forgotten how wet the trail was, fortunately it was worth it to get our shoes dirty. It was a lovely sunny 25 degrees Celsius day, but after the recent rain there were many mosquitoes. Please click on images. All photos Nikon ©

A lovely swimming spot.

The suspension bridge.

“The La Manche Falls Trail begins at the picnic area and runs upstream, along the La Manche River, to a waterfall. The hike can be completed in approximately one hour. Vegetation along the trail includes marsh (which is a rare habitat in Newfoundland), bog and mixed forest. Swimming is not recommended in the falls area. The La Manche Village Trail begins at the Fire Exit Road [see mapPDF(58.8 KB)]. The trail is approximately 1.25 kilometres long and the return trip takes about an hour. At the abandoned village site you can cross the bridge to travel north along the East Coast Trail system or you can travel south.” – N.L. Gov

The open sea.
La Manche (“the sleeve”), which is the French name for the English Channel.

The waterfall.

Another view of the suspension bridge.

Please click here to see the what it looks like in the winter.

Part of the East Coast Trail.

Steps to nowhere.

The trail

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    • That’s great. If we go again, I would like to have a picnic there.
      Me too 😉 Can you imagine, if I climbed them and went through to a secret world?


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