Waiparous Provincial Park

Waiparous Creek
Nikon D70 Tok ©

We went camping again for a few days at Waiparous Creek Provincial Recreation Area. The weather was lovely, it rained one afternoon, but the rest of the time was sunny with very little wind. The mosquitoes weren’t as bad as last time probably because it was a bit cooler. We heard a Loon, which flew over us once, but we weren’t quick enough with the camera to take photos.

Ouma Aniseed Rusks
Available from Cochrane Butchery
Nikon D70 Tok ©

“Ouma Rusks (Afrikaans: Ouma Beskuit – literally “Grandmother’s Rusks”) are South Africa‘s best-known brand of rusks – a traditional South African snack that is dipped in coffee or tea before being eaten.” –Wikipedia

“Since 1939, Ouma rusks have been a trusted household name in South Africa. Ouma originated when Ouma Greyvenstyn started making and selling her famous homemade rusks using her trusted family recipe on her farm in the small North Eastern Cape town of Molteno. What started as a simple buttermilk rusk has now exploded into a vast and famous range of rusks serving a diverse market. Many consumers have had Ouma rusks in their homes since childhood and consider the brand part of the family! Made from a time-honoured family recipe, Ouma rusks are baked to sheer perfection. Whether consumed as an on-the-go breakfast, or as a teatime snack, treat yourself to an age-old family tradition, and “dip ’n Ouma”.” – Nola

Bagels, bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Nikon D70 Tok ©

Peculator coffee.
Nikon D70 Tok ©

Alberta Rose
Nikon D70 Tok ©

“Better know by its common names, the Wild Rose or the Prickly Rose, Rosa acicularis is a member of the rose family (Rosaceae). It was adopted by the Province of Alberta, Canada to be its official floral emblem in 1930.” – Albertarose.com

Nikon D70 Tok ©

Nikon D70 Tok ©

A friend gave us this great camping table and umbrella.
Nikon D70 Tok ©

It was walking distance from our camp down to the creek.
Nikon D70 Tok ©

Friends came to visit us one day and we had Sosaties, Boerewors, steaks, etc.
Nikon D70 Tok ©

Sosaties: Recipes and information from Cooksister

Boerewors: Recipes and information from Cooksister
Literally translated, boerewors (say boo-ruh-vors and try rolling the r’s a little) means “farmers’ sausage”, and it looks like a very long Cumberland ring sausage as it is always sold in a coil rather like a large, savory coil of liquorice. But appearance is as far as the similarity goes. Boerewors is made of several types of meat – usually a combination of beef, lamb and pork, but sometimes ostrich or game meat – combined with cubed pork fat (“spekvet”) and natural preservatives such as vinegar and spices (coriander seeds play a large part!). “ Cooksister

Our best time of the day, is sitting around the fire in the evenings and waiting for the stars to come out.

Exposure: 1/1000 sec
Aperture: 5.6
Focal Length: 55mm
Nikon D70 Tok ©

Sparks from the fire.
Exposure: 1/10 sec
Aperture: 4.5
Focal Length: 18mm
Nikon D70 Tok ©

Sparks from the fire.
Exposure: 1/50 sec
Aperture: 4.8
Focal Length: 29 mm
Nikon D70 Tok ©

Our rig at home.
Nikon D70 Tok ©

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    • It was 😉
      Hubby’s luxury is he’s Quad and mine is my table and umbrella.
      The ground is usually so hard-packed at the camping grounds, that you can’t put an umbrella in. We searched for a camping table with a hole in the middle and mentioned it to our lovely friends and they gave us the set, the umbrella is quite high and adjustable.
      Now I don’t have to keep moving around and we can eat on a own table.


  1. All your photos are always very professional, Tok, but those of the fire took my breath away.
    (I still like the buttermilk Ouma best!)


    • Thank you and thank you for the stars 😉
      I took about 20 photos just of the fire and then I had to choose, which to put on my blog. Hubby helped with the settings and stoking the fire to make the sparks, so it was a joint effort. I took a photo last time of the box, but it was overexposed. Camping isn’t camping without rusks.


    • I’m glad, you sure need it 😉 Thank you ♥
      I forgot to mention he is also from South-Africa and sells Boerewors, Biltong, Droë Wors, Sosaties, Rusks, etc. as well.


  2. Tok, I loved seeing the Wild Rose, the Fireweed and the Bluebells. They were my symbols of summer! Love the photos. Makes me hope to spend some time in those wilds again.


  3. Oh, this is STUNNING, Tok! So glad you’re flying the flag high there with Ouma & boerewors, etc! I also love your table and umbrella – actually, your whole camping rig is most imressive, and the fire photo’s…this post is a feast 😀

    (BTW, so sorry I lost your last few lovely comments on my blog – had to restore to an earlier version because of a programming error. Will try not to do that again!)


    • Thank you very much 😉
      I’m so glad I can share our wonderful life.
      I’m so sorry to hear that, it is such a waste of time, when something like that goes wrong. ;-(


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