McLean Creek

June 2011
Font Daniel
Nikon D70 ©

We went camping with some friends of ours for a few days at McLean Creek Provincial Park in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada. The weather kept changing from cloudy, to windy, sunny and we had a bit of rain.

We found our campsite peaceful, private and surrounded by trees. Besides fire-pits, tables, toilets, power and fresh water, there are hot showers within walking distance as well. The mosquitoes were bad due to the recent rain, but fortunately we had come prepared.

Grey Jay
Nikon D70 ©

Grey Jay stealing the dog’s food.
They drank their water as well.
Nikon D70 ©

Skokijan’s favorite spot.
At the front door of our friends camper.
Nikon D70 ©

Strawberries, Ice cream and cream.
Nikon D70 ©

McLean Pond
Nikon D300 ©

There were quite a few Beaver Dams at McLean pond.
The men saw a Beaver when they went fishing, but he was shy of the camera.
Nikon D70 ©

Beaver damage at McLean pond.
Nikon D70 ©

The dogs had a ball as usual.
Nikon D70 ©

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  1. Thanks, Tok! McLean Creek is not familiar to me. Likely it became a park since I’ve been gone. When I see trees that the beaver have chomped down, it gives me a thrill. I loved watching beaver as a young girl – they truly are so industrious. Their teeth grow continuously…they have to munch them down! Man would get a little too interfering for my taste when they would destroy beaver dams that caused flooding. Now we know that their dams, in the end, help the water to purify. Fascinating little animals.


    • We are glad to share our life with you. 😉
      McLean is very popular with A.H.V.’s, so we wary of camping there, but they aren’t allowed to ride in the campsite, so it worked out well in the end.
      I stood on top of a Beaver dam to show it’s size and it was quite solid.
      We moved away, let the dogs lie down and waited a bit, but they didn’t show.
      Thank you for the information, I was wondering about that, I would love to sit down and watch them.
      If we photograph one again, I will include more information on them as they are amazing.


      • Those beaver would be very aware that your dogs were around, quiet or not! 🙂

        The Beaver have a scent pouch on their back ends, under their tails. I don’t know if it is still the case, but the liquid from those pouches (Yuk!) was used in perfume! I used to laugh about that because that scent in those pouches is very disagreeable.


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