In the Army

DSC_2261DSC_2264DSC_2262Three pages 12″ x 12″
Scrapbooked May 2011
Pocket with journal, copy of completion of service certificate, etc .
Font: Courier New

Detail of Army tag.
Not original.
You can see the pop dots under the webbing.

Detail of rubber-stamped paper.


Photo from Layout
A. B. M. Burger-Mag (Active Citizen Force)
1.7.1951-1.7.1955 South-Africa
My father (Dad) is in the 2nd row, 2nd from the left.
My dad served four years in the A.C.F Signal Corps – 6 th Artillery Division.

Sketch adapted from Scrapiopath’s SOTW
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Plain Tag template from Photobucket


Badge from Andrew Cusack
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“From 1912 to 1957, South Africa’s military was called the Union Defence Force (the Union in question being the Union of South Africa, the other USA). The Nationalist government renamed it the South African Defence Force (Suid-Afrikaanse Weermag) in 1957, prior to the declaration of the Republic of South Africa in 1961.”Andrew Cusack


Union of South-Africa flag from Flagspot

Supplies: Please click for more.
Large foliage rubber-stamps, journal stamp from Stampology, buttons, webbing, embroidery floss, Metal dog tag, large stencil, pop dots, metal clips, Brads, twine, ink, photo corners, Letter and number punch set for stamping metal, Acrylic paint, etc.

ARMY military soldier 12×12 Premade Scrapbook Pages on Etsy

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Embossed metal tag from Debbie Hodge

Mtal tags

Faux Metal Tags – from Teri’s Place

Vintaj shows Natural Brass Altered Blanks at CHA 2010 on YouTube

Edit: I had a Tag from Jersygirl, but I have noticed it’s not working so I replaced it.



  1. I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking, who they are missing, and how they can tolerate the idea of war. These gorgeous young men – someone’s son, lover and nephew. I hope they felt a sense of purpose so their hearts weren’t scarred forever.


    • Very well said, Souldipper.
      When my husband finished school he had to do 2 years military training in another town. Thereafter he was called up for three to six weeks at a time and even for three months one time, on the border of the then South-West Africa and Angola . We were married by then, I had to go and stay with my parents and we corresponded by letter.


  2. It sure was ‘-(
    When our son was born, I was already dreading the day he had to go to the army and ride a motorbike. Neither of which he did so far.


  3. OMG Tok, this gives me goose bumps. Talk about call back the past, esp. with that old SA flag…almost forgotten it existed. That army phase was such a big part of life back then. Glad you and your husband made it safely through. Love Amy’s comment too; a reminder of the impact it had on day-to-day life. BTW, hope for your sake your son keeps off the bikes, but don’t tell him I said so 😉 XO


    • The feedback I got from this layout is very rewarding to me.
      Besides having so many photographs and stories to tell, it is wonderful to hear why this layout worked.
      Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of my husband’s army days, but I kept many of the letters he wrote to me.
      I am planning a layout of hubby’s grandfather, we have a Department of defense record of service for him dated from 1915-1919.


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