Let’s go!

We went to the Ghost River Wilderness area of Alberta on a sunny day.
The dog’s love it.
Nikon D300 ©

Me on the quad
Nikon D300 ©

Hubby made a “Skottle Braai” in our “Ploegskaar” brought from South-Africa
Nikon D300 ©
A “Skottle” is a Wok like dish made from a plough disc or shear, with handles and feet which is used for “Braaivleis”.

We make our own Boerewors here with Alberta Beef and Potatoes in foil baked in the coals and kept warm on the “Skottel”
Nikon D300 ©

“The word braaivleis (English play /ˈbrfls/; Afrikaans pronunciation: [ˈbrɑe.flæɪs]) is Afrikaans for “grilled meat.”” –Wikipedia

Dog tired
Yes, that is snow in the background.
Nikon D300 ©

We saw a herd of Deer on our way home
Nikon D300 ©

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Ghost River


  1. I’m not interested in the meat . . . but I’ll sit around the campfire with you and enjoy one of those baked potatoes! 😀

    Love the dogs (and you) on the quad, Tok!


    • I’m lucky hubby and all our friends make a great Boerie.

      Me too, it’s been raining for almost a week now.
      I’m glad I remembered your post.


    • It was, especially now that the weather is better. Thank you. It’s great for many other meals as well, like bacon and eggs for breakfast, stir fry, etc. I don’t know about that, but every time I forget how it works and hubby has to show me again. LOL 😉


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