Miriam 1

Miriam 2

miriam 3Miriam Blackie
29.12.1934- 30.9.2006
My Mother
Nikon D70 ©
Perspective Correction

Close-up of distressed tag, charm and title with Faux Typewriter keys.
The Faux Typewriter keys were made with Round clear Glue-pads, pop dots and round black and white alphabet stickers.
Mammie is Afrikaans for Mommy.
Nikon D70 ©

Close-up of distressed doily envelope filled with more photos, journaling, etc.
Doily Envelopes by design.mein.
Nikon D70 ©

Close-up of Faux Scrabble tiles Title .
Nikon D70 ©

Paper: K & Company Memory stor
Nikon D70 ©

Sources: Please click for more
Music: Free classical sheet music
Vintage (Proper acknowledgment)
Sheet Music free fromThe Graphics fairy
Supplies: Please click for more.
Forever in time Round clear Glue-pads
Acid-free Paper Doily 10 1/2 ” Circumference
Silver elastic thread
Alphabet Dots black and silver.
Small charm
Clear photo corners
Rubber-stamps: Alphabet and dates
Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress ink
Paper flower, brads, etc.
Techniques: Please click for more
How to Distress Paper Edges
Ripped Paper Technique

Ranger Distress Ink Techniques


Doily Envelops by design.mein

Miriam Blackie
Photo from Layout.
My Mother 1954
My mother worked as a typist before I was born.

1-Picture 113
Besides being an artist, she was also a musician, she could sew and she was a great cook.

Hazel by Colleen Macdonald, Calgary, Alberta
From My book “Scrapbooking friends and family

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    • I’m so pleased 😉

      They are so easy to make, there are so many great ideas with doilies, which I wanted to include, but the post was already so long.


    • I’ve been meaning to try them for a while and this was my chance.

      Thanks, she was.

      My father gave us an old typewriter and sewing machine, but I returned them to him when we moved to Canada as they were so heavy ;-(


  1. This is amazing work. My mother passed when I was so young but I so wish that you’d appear and help me put together something like this. Absolutely lovely!


    • Thank you very much. I would have liked that.
      Fortunately there are wonderful books and lots of information on the internet.
      I appreciate your feedback 😉


  2. Wow Tok, these scrap booking pages are absolutely stunning and so beautifully themed. Jess and I have just started scrapbooking, and it looks much easier than it actually is… it also takes more time than I realised with a very patient creative eye. *Grin* On that note I would love to know how long these pages took… just because I’m curious (nosy) 😉 and I seem to take so long just to do one page. Your photos also seem to be in much better condition than ours… but some of them are from the 1920’s so I’m grateful to have them. So nice to visit your blog again, happy Spring Tok, I hope it’s proving warm and filled with fun. Autumn in KZN is proving to be a very entertaining experience this year. 🙂 ~Mands


  3. Thank you very much Mands 😉

    That’s wonderful to hear, it is a very rewarding hobby.
    I’m glad you asked, I actually take a very l-o-n-g time and believe it or not I’m very slow, which used to frustrate me, but now I just relax and enjoy doing something creative.

    How long does a layout take? It depends on each and how much time I have, sometimes I faf around in circles and discard ideas. Because most of my photos are old, I scan, photo-shop, research, do the captions and journaling, before choosing an idea, paper, techniques, etc. If it’s a good week, I work on the computer an hour a day, as I work on different layouts at a time and then scrapbook for 2-3 hours on Fridays.
    I am happy if I complete one layout a month.

    Have a look at this video, I’m trying this approach.

    Yesterday it R-A-I-N-E-D 😉

    Take care,


    • Hi Tok, thanks for the reply… you just confirmed what Jess believes – I’m too impatient and work to quickly to get it done rather than taking time to enjoy the process. 😉 It’s probably from my years as in DTP and layout… was much easier to do it all on Apple Mac ~ although not as pretty and affective. Thanks for the link… tried to watch it but has no sound, probably my shared computer, so will try on another.

      It’s Raining today – what is this! LOL
      Take care, Mands


      • Pleasure 😉

        I did some digital layouts, but I prefer the layering of traditional.
        Just checked again, it does have sound.
        In winter it doesn’t rain here, so this was the first rain of spring, coming from Zululand, you can’t believe that you’ll miss it one day.



  4. We have had so much rain this past summer (four months of rain every day)… and now in Autumn, I can’t imagine missing the rain… I do love Kwa-Zulu Natal and although we have only been here four years (since 2007) I can’t imagine living anywhere else. *Smile*

    So you have snow in winter, rain in spring… probably even rains there in summer ~ is there no respite from the wet? Oh well… as long as you have the sun, it should be ok ~ you do have sun? 

    Ok… now what do I do? I struggled with “Tokeloshe” as it just didn’t seem to fit with my idea of what a Tokeloshe is and looks like, so I managed with Tok… and now it’s LINDA!
    Seriously, what a girl to do? *Grin* Me thinks I will just make up my own name for you and call you Lindatok… sounds kinda South African to me! *Grin*

    So Lindatok, have a superb stunning Friday,
    Love to you and yours, Mands


    • ROFL Oh, I needed this today 😉

      It started snowing yesterday afternoon and it’s still snowing, enough already!

      We have been in Calgary for about 12 years and it is unusual weather.

      Love it!
      Thank you,
      Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. PS… I’m convincing my mom to buy me a subscription for Ancestry24 which seems to have lots of SA genealogy, however I keep getting stopped on the access… Every tried it? Will let you know if it is worthwhile. 😉


  6. Tok – Absolutely breathtaking! What beautiful work you do. The faux scrabble tiles and typewriter keys look so authentic! Scrabble is my favorite game. 🙂


  7. Thank you for linking to my tutorials for the ripped paper and the distressed edges. Great post here, very comprehensive, lots of info and links and lovely layouts, brilliant!


    • Thank you very much 😉

      You have a wonderful blog with great tutorials, ideas and inspiration.
      Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.


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